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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

new rm

What's new with Ringgit Malaysia [RM]? Ok this is how the new RM50.00 looks like...

What do you think? There will be more Ringgit Malaysia notes with new looks but I'm not sure... No more 1 cent coin too. Money is just papers but the value count =) Wish I've a thick pocket!


  1. Wah i hope someone will give me this new money :)


  2. hehe.. if you want it.. come and claim it in penang.. =)

  3. In a way, the introduction of the new paper(plus polymer) notes in replacement of the current ones can be seen as a positive move by the Central Bank. These is definitely in terms of avoiding currency note frauds as well as to boost the image of the note's face itself. But on the contrary, there are a few setbacks as well, self-service kiosks(such as banks' CDM) accepting currency notes do not accept these new notes, for example the new polymer-based RM5.00 note and recently the RM50.00 note are not accepted at Cash Deposit Machines at our local banks and at parking ticket kiosks. It'll take a long staged replacement of such machines, and thus causing us domestic users and consumers some sort of inconvinience in a way or another. Remember what happened to the RM 1 coin shopping trolley cart story? Yeah. However, the 1 cent withdrawal is indeed a smart move by the government, we save a lot on that and it'll be of better effect to the country's economy and cashflow. I guess minting the coin itself costs the Central Bank a lot, rather than its face value. Anyway, hope to get a real glimpse of the new RM50 note soon, is it in public circulation already? Take care.

  4. Not yet, in fact bankers don't give out any new notes yet. I got it from a colleague who happen to have a sister working in Maybank. So, I exchanged my old RM50.00 with him. Since I don't want to lose it, I will exchange with my sister, since I'm going to use my cash urgently =.="

    Thanks for the comment Riz =)


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