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Saturday, February 02, 2008

movie, popcorn & book

I went for a movie "Cloverfield", plan to watch the 9pm show but all in sudden around my place was jam! Very bad traffic. Ah, Penang.. what do you expect? So, when we reached there it was late -- the movie has been played for 10 minutes. Since I read the preview it's a good movie, I choose to skip this one and watch the next show [last show for Friday actually] which is at 11pm!

Darn... hours to kill! So, I play with my mobile sms-ing some friends about games and my new silly prepaid provider. Oh yea, I changed my postpaid to prepaid -- mad at the provider for two reasons : I paid for what I didn't use and I'm as the old user, use this postpaid for ages but no special rewards or offers at all which you can get many rewards with prepaid, so why should I stick to postpaid? You tell me.

Then... still long way to go, and I decided to go to Borders [yes a bookstore]. I looked around for Napoleon Hill's book [yes you right, business book] introduced by my friend. Yes, good concept but I don't really prefer self-help book which I already have few. So, I found the book I needed the most from Azizi Ali -- Property Landlord [I've read almost all his books and handbook, the last one was Property Millionaire -- did you read my whole blog? if not, forget it]. End up I bought, lol. It's worth it tho. I read his handbook while killing the time and when they closed at 10.30pm I only have 30 minutes to kill then.

Walked slowly to the cinema at 3rd floor and buy some popcorn [with cute box] and a giant soft drink [special promotion, you buy large with the same price for medium].

Then we walked in... when the movie finished, I felt like vomiting. It was a good movie but I couldn't stand with the motion... it was like you watching back a video you recorded via your own handycam and you were moving and running! Slept in dizziness... haha!


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