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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

election fever

The heat is getting hotter. Are we ready? I found this link [click HERE] from Marina Mahathir’s blog. So, guys… I hope you enjoy the link. Doesn’t matter you’re into politic or not, you must vote! =)

It’s pretty pathetic to read newspapers these days especially at this moment that we called “Election Fever”. Newspapers and TV has been monopolized by… oh of course BN. When did this “special” advertisement in all newspaper started? Ah come on, it’s more than enough to advertise on TV and it’s pretty too much to spoil a newspaper. It’s seems like one-side war. Ok, fine… you want to put advertisement regarding politic? Please leave some spaces for Opposition party. Ah! How I wish?

P/s: Don’t say that I’ve been influenced by Marina. I don’t support any party and to be exact I'm neutral. There’re some things I don’t agree with BN and also with Opposition.


  1. I don't see any url of marina mahathir's blog. Try to recheck yor post. ;)

  2. Hi i have a Tag for you :) do visit my page

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    Share Something 2 You

  3. Hey ann,

    Actually Marina's blog listed on the LINKS list. Hehe.

    I've made it easier for you. Now you can just click on the hyper-text on the post =)

  4. Hi Evatasi,

    Ok, I will do that tag thingy by Sunday. Have 3 peoples to re-post the tag. Lol.

  5. Issit? No wonder lah ! Haha

  6. Hehe, I hope you can click on the link now =)

  7. i hate elections!
    spm result shouldve been out 28 feb
    but due to the election it is postphoned!
    election means extreme scenery pollutions!!
    the flags and posters are polluting everywhre!
    it kills my eyes to see em!
    better off to use the money, from buying the stuffs and donate is to the poor and needy!
    this world is crazy!

  8. Hi artistic1412,

    You should see the posters around my house. It's way too much to tied up those posters until the front of my gate!

    Voting is our responsible but politic is dirty!

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