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Saturday, February 23, 2008

real estate seminar

This morning I attended a real estate seminar held at Vistana Hotel by AssetFirst. It started at 11am. Around 10.30am I fetched Joseph [he was the one told me about this seminar] and straight drove there. Reached there, around 20 peoples were there. Breakfast was provided but I didn’t know. Lol. Nevermind I ate bread and butter earlier.

Around 11.15am the seminar started [ah any Asian ever punctual?]. It was a great start with a hand-full of soil and little green plant. Yes, it’s abstract which you could assume about real estate investment.

Now, I understand how it works for one person to own so many houses. Your name won’t be written on the S&P but the TRUSTEE. So, it’s like you and some other thousands people invest on 1 property which give you opportunity to buy more properties. They have a system and I bet some other groups have started this earlier. The more you invest the more nett profit you gain. They have few schemes and you have options depending on your budget.

The thing is I've bought a house and to let it go is like to throw RM1,200.00 to the rubbish bin. Yes, I have paid the S&P and the booking. I’ll surely join but not at this very short time. For some reasons I've some plans to get done too. Now as you can see, everything is about money. Some says “No money, no talk”?

For those who are interested in property investment you can click HERE.


  1. dont understand finance or whatevr!
    im too young for these stuffs!

  2. Hi mate,

    Hehe, you don't need to think much yet. But do remember to do some saving. It's never too early or too late for saving. Trust me =)


Thank you for the comment.

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