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Saturday, February 23, 2008


I went to watch Jumper just now at 9.15pm show. I expected the quality as good as Matrix. I’d say different category but still something that I would love to watch. The cinema was full-house and bad thing was I sat at 3rd row on right side. Can you imagine? Yes, correct. It was sucks! Luckily the movie wasn’t boring at all.

It started with a boy who liked a girl when he was at the high school. He tried to get closer to her but he was too shy. One day, when the girl was waiting for the bus to go home from school this boy went and met her. He gave her a snow glass bead. Came a naughty boy and took the bead and threw it away [it happen the bead dropped on the river which was frozen, oh ok I didn’t mention about winter… it was winter!]. He was upset and tried to get it back. Everybody was panic since it was so dangerous to walk on the ice which was a river like that. He kept walking and got the ball. As he turned and said “See… its ok.” The ice broke into pieces and he sank. He couldn’t get himself out of the cold water below the ice and that was how he knows that he could teleport! Everybody thought he died. The story just begun….

I won’t spoil the movie by telling you guys the whole story. I could say it’s a worth watching movie if you like actions [those who always critic regarding common sense bla bla bla, please… don’t watch!]. If you want to see the official website click HERE and for more info click HERE.

For more pictures click HERE.


  1. Wow! I want to see it! But still haven't have the time...

    Sorry for missing out the (almost) whole two weeks. Being busy with my tests :D

    Have a nice day man!


  2. The action is good, trust me =)
    And thanks for dropping by.

  3. id say its a boring movie!
    kungfu dunk is better
    didnt like the ending

  4. Haha, I hate to watch those kungfu-style-sport movie and the last one I watched was Shaolin Soccer. Good laugh but way too stupid =.="


Thank you for the comment.

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