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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ok coffee on the table. I've few things to write about this time. So, you can read and see what I'm gonna tell and show you. Some of it I will just leave no comment about it and you to decide. As freedom of speech never really implement in our belove country -- Malaysia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia

At this topic, I'm still confuse actually. Confuse about what is happening, and why there's no action or news about it? Why should this incident kept hidden from Malaysian? I just don't get it. I think Malaysian should wake up and open your eyes big, yes really big to see what is happening around us. Not just people in our country but the "neighbors". Either rumors or fact, things between Malaysia and Singapore or Malaysia and Indonesia seem don't blend well. To prove that, here are some pictures :

What do you think? Still buying their cd and never miss their live concert? Re-think.

Pak Lah with CNN
I found Pak Lah with CNN video at youtube. Here is the video:

Any comment? Ah ok, now it's Election Fever =) March 8, here we count! My cousin Mansor has been dropped out from the list. Politic!

Man Utd wins against New Castle
Ah again we win! Lol. Nothing much to say but Keagan, you're screwed with Ferguson again. Since 90's? Oh man, you should wake up with your few old tactics. If I were you, I follow what Erikson said. So, it was away game for us and we defeated them by 5-1. For more info about the game click HERE or HERE. Ok, I wanna share some pictures that has been taken from BPL official web. Enjoy!

Teens Nowadays!

I have no idea about teens nowadays. They are proud to fight and win rather than study and win. What's your main purpose of going to school? Studying! That's it. Full stop. You go to school learn new things, new lesson, new subjects, get friends, be successful. Nothing more, nothing less. But this is what happen :

No wonder factories never worry of no worker problem!

Rapist punishment
I got this picture via email from my colleague. What caught my attention was they cut his dick! I think this punishment should be implemented in Malaysia since rape case has increase each day. By doing this so called "cruel" punishment, I'm sure the rape case will decrease drastically. Why do you think it's cruel when destroying other's future and dignity are crueler.

Recently, I've read some articles about poppers. What is weird bout this drug is it's legal at many countries and hardly found any side effect [oh ok wikipedia writes some effects : There has also been a suggestion that poppers may weaken the immune system, however any damage is undone within a few days of halting use.[28] Other risks include rashes around the mouth and nose, burns if spilt on skin, loss of consciousness, and headaches.[1][29]<-- Look at the red sentence. Hmm]. Any comment about this?

Time for some fun
Are you good in balancing the ball with your legs, shoulder, head and forehead? Well, try this!

Sexy ads
I laughed out loud when watching this video. I tried to upload the fighting student video in Youtube but couldn't. It's against the rule of violation. Alrite, I got other solution luckily! But anyway, do enjoy this video ok?


  1. EWWW!!!

    I can't think of anything else after watching your pictures of that rapist's punishment.

    I can't watch all your videos coz my stupid college internet policy (yeah, I know. It's that suck). We can only access it after 12pm.

    Bout Malingsia (that what Indonesian call us anyway), I think (and I hope) that was not a majority's view. We still need each other right? (by the way, I never be one of the big fan of Indonesian bands)


  2. Lol. I got it from a friend via email and it gave me idea for rapist. Nowadays rape case in Malaysia has increase drastically with no reason. Not educated enough? I don't think so. But thing still happen, not only to adult but also kids.

    Yes, I agree with you with Malingsia. I hope thing can be solved in some good ways.

    Thanks for dropping by buddy =)

  3. hey I heard bout YB Mansur being dropped. Hate that so much and those people who NEVER GONE OUT for any event or have done nothing suddenly got that place. pathetic sungguh. shitto. hope miracles will happen and really hoping he'll get back his place. he deserves it!!!!

    *in support of umno families*


    where ever I go, whatever I do, mom will talk bout politics.


  4. Hehe, some said he wasn't good enough. But even if he wasn't good enough, they should select one equal or better than him. I heard Norman is just a SPM graduate and most of the time he stay in KL? How true? Anyway, that's politic. =)

    P/s: Are you one of the puteri UMNO members?

  5. erk
    that punishment is so cruel
    id rather die than to lose my buddy down there

  6. Hi artistic1412,

    Yes, to be honest... it's way too much. But I hate to watch/read news about rapist. Their punishment is nothing compared to what they've done. Sigh. Some, even have so many rape cases and yet still free.

    Thanks for dropping by =)

  7. Anonymous1:33 PM

    hoho. not SPM bro, but SRP for god's sake!

    versi ori: Kalau menebang pohon jati,
    biar serpih jangan tumbang,
    kalau nak cari pengganti,
    biar lebih jangan kurang

    versi pak lalala: pembantu rumah nama yati,
    suruh cuci kasi bersih,
    kalau nak cari pengganti,
    biar kurang jangan lebih

    politics, dulu, kini, selamanya, sama sajaa.

  8. Haha dalam maksudnya tu. Semakin tak suka politik... Haiz.


Thank you for the comment.

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