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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Politik Melayu-Islam: Kemelut & Penyelesaian

I got invitation for Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin speech at USM regarding the title above (I'm not in the mood to type the whole title again and again, pah!). My Chief Clerk and I were selected for our company. I fetched her at 9am and drove straight to the venue.

It was just a one way communication and we would listen. Yes. I was damn tired not because of this but because of there were few scenarios to tell.

Scenario 1:
We reached there early because we knew parking lot will be full. Not just because of the speech, but also because of the lecturers, staff and students cars! Ok, we were lucky enough to get 1 lot for us. Fuh!

Scenario 2:
Written on the invitation card that the speech will start at 9.30am but it started at 10am. Typical minister's promise? Lol. Or I should point finger to the management? Ah, forget it!

Scenario 3:
... and the speech started. It was my first time listen to what he said live. I guess I started to like him and his brain. Some people said that he is way too slow in everything. Who cares? To me, he was not bias. He blamed and saluted both party for good and bad. Isn't that neutral enough? Another thing that makes me like him more, he tended to think like Tun Mahathir now. I agreed. No doubt he got a lot of supports from the youth and the oldies. Let me just put some points of the speech:

  • Chinese & Indians are complaining about they have been discriminated even though the highest percentage for poverty belong to Malay?
  • Chinese point finger to government for cronysm but now when Opposition conquers Penang, is the cronysm has gone? If so, why rich Chinese is getting richer and the poor one forever in the gloom?
  • We shout out loud for equality, but if Malay left behind yet you call that equality? (remember non-bumi still at the best position, richest and less poverty but why still shout for equality? or is it greedy?).
  • Non-bumi are not satisfy with the DEB, what is the different between with DEB or without? Non-bumi still the less poor.
  • The last one, Social Contract. I don't want to touch this issue here but you can refer here and here and here.

I won't write the whole points here or worse the whole speech. So, roughly you know what the speech was about. Not some voting politic issue.

Scenario 4:
The foods were great. Fish curry, beef, prawn and chicken! But I had to queue up in the bright sunny day. It was damn hot ok! When eating at the table (I was lucky enough to get table as many others had chair but no table lol), I listened to conversation beside me. I like the one beside me better. He mentioned about all things that has been mentioned in Tun Mahathir's blog. I smiled.

Scenario 5:
Walked with full stomach to the car with a smile. Good speech and good food, what's better than that? But... my car was blocked by an uncivilized retard driver! (I screamed in my heart -- fuck off!). Ok, calm down. I pushed the car. That bugger did use handbrake. Grr! Luckily a good guy came and helped. To Mr Red Shirt guy, if you read this please leave your number in the comment. I owe you a drink. I don't mind if you want lunch. I really appreciate with what you had done.

So, that was it. Ciao.


  1. If malays are so weak, yeah they deserve more and more help from the government. I have no objection to that ^_^

    I am a chinese. I know what is the outcome for that whether you like it or not. By the way, the outcome will be felt only after 2 or 3 generations.. I won't eleborate as it's actually to non-muslim advantages.

    I urge all non-muslims to support all kind of affirmative policies for muslims so long as it doesn't take away basic rights for non-muslims because it's doing good for us all. At the mean time continue to improve and to excel in whatever field you like.

    Eventually the blessing is for those who help and marvel ^_^

  2. I no fan of Muhyi but he does have more charisma than the two above him. For me had the leaders know how to handle situations and explain to rakyat, all these racial tensions will no be as today. I don't subscribe to Tun Musa's elegant silence practice by PM especially in regards to important issues such as social contract and affirmative action. Some people like Joseph and us might understand the rationale but others might need to educate themselves. Btw, it still raya, did u get angpow from Muhyi?

  3. joseph - good luck then :) i hope malay will take the opportunity to be better and learn from others. i know someday the poverty in malaysia will be decreased. god bless.

    ismail - haha. i didn't get any angpow from him. i was busy nodding my head :P

    i agree with you ismail. i hope malay will wake up from their beauty sleep and be able to walk without any stick. i believe it will happen soon.

  4. u met him at last... and listened to him live... :D i've no further comments.... on this issues...

  5. rush - hehe yes. you can comment but don't touch on the social contract issue :P

  6. Bab makan tu yg besh..I likee..hehe

  7. ad - hehe. ya free lunch. sedap pulak tu! :)

  8. That was nice someone helped you move the car. :o)

  9. tammy - yes. thank god. i didn't know what else i could do and i was late to go back to work :(

  10. I owe you a drink. I don't mind if you want lunch. I really appreciate with what you had done.

    i really love this statement.

  11. Typical of Malaysians whether politicians or not to start any speech or dinner late. It's Malaysian time! LOL

    Good food and good speech, who can resist? : )

  12. Salam bro...seeing is believing!!!...about the issue, no comment, always discussed bout it everytime involved debate competition...hehehehe....

  13. bab mkn paling best kalo time2 cm gini..kna lak mkn free...mak aihhh, berbaloi beb..pdhal bkn dgr sgt ape yg duk ckp, tgu mkn je...

    btw, jgn amalkan selalu..=) haha..
    tak pasal2 kena bambu..

  14. makan plg lazat jika forum begini..ehehe.

    really miss the DTSP..huhu

  15. wenkt - yes actually i wanted to give him some RM notes but he was in hurry and my car blocked the main road. i really wish he'd read this.

    foong - hehe yes. agree. but i won't be late if i have something important to get done, or else i will do my best to be punctual. hate waiting and i put myself in people's shoes :)

    yes, what's better than good speech and food? hehe.

    wanhidayat - salam bro. hehe yeah politic always bring you into an argument or debate. like muhyiddin said "there are a lot of Tun Mahathir out there" referring to those who like to give out opinions on the politic issue :)

    ixora - hehe. bab makan tak le tergoda sangat. tp bos nak makan juga dulu before balik ke ofis. so ikut je la. sebab malas nak queue up mula2 tu dalam panas. hehe. tapi mmg makan sedap lah! :)

    btw, mmg nak sgt dengar apa muhyiddin nak cakap hehe. ingatkan nak cakap pasal UMNO dan voting tu tapi bagus dia tau :)

    arnamee - DTSP? what's that?

  16. oh. there was an event at USM eh. u r not working that day? if its on weekend, then I can go..

    btw i haven't had a big meal like that.. slurp!

  17. i observed that you cannot please everyone. there will always be someone who will not be happy with any kind of decision made by any govt. best thing to do is try and make the best of everything that is given. just my humble opinion :) but to me..when i attend conferences ke aper ker..the main thing on my mind is of course food...hahahaha. food first talk later..hahaha

  18. myadlan - working but i got invitation. so i went to work after the function :P the function started at 9am and finish at 12. good eh? :)

    bunkerangs - haha. axim one of my blogger friends texted me on cell asked me about what they served rather than what they talked about! haha. truly malaysian :)


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