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Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Day 2008

Last Saturday, my company had a Family Day event. It was a so so event. Nothing much to talk about though but I had fun. I supposed to help the games bureau managing kids and oldies but instead of doing that I joined some games too! (3 games to be exact haha!). I joined Couple Race (typical government servant only male & male and female & female were allowed for the Couple Race), Find Candy in Flour with Mouth and Beach Soccer wearing Kain Pelikat. I won 3rd place for the Find Candy in Flour with Mouth! (no pic of this but if I can get one from friend will upload later). The weather was nice but way too hot! I got sunburn though (plus the body aches everywhere since the badminton practice last Thursday). Instead of the prize for the game, I won a hamper for luckky draw! Thank God as I knew some of my colleagues didn't win anything at all! (Hehe sorry Pakya and Krai! Try again next year okay? @nari).

Grab as many as you can! Don't eat too much candy ok?

Slow and steady. Table tennis ball in spoon :)

Discussing about the next game ;)

I didn't score! damn.

Discussing about more games! lol.

I won 3rd place for searching candy in the flour :D

Chasing the bitch! Grr!

"Which is the cutest?" Lol. We were busy of something else :P

Eww! the taste sucks!


Keanu Reeve in Matrix?


"I'm ready honey to beat some asses!"

"It's your fault!!!". Oy! it wasn't me!

Enjoying the flour...

Planning the strategy!

I should wear short. hehe.

Tired. Eating session :P

P/s: To Takdir, fuck you for throwing flour on my cute face! Haha.


  1. Wow bestnya!! Hehehe Duno when our family day will be but I hope not soon. Too many activites already lah!

  2. nak join games kat pic 1 tu leh tak..confirm akak yang byk dapat..kweng..

  3. sonoknyer jd bdak2 tuh..=)

  4. mane gambar admar kena tepung tawar tu? keke

  5. gambar tu ambil pukul 10 pagi ke..

  6. rozella - haha too many activities is good. keep yourself busy!

    mummy - keke. tak boleh. 6 tahun ke bawah jek :P

    ixora - taknak main bola pakai kain batik ke? keke.

    sakura - tersilap set date terus auto post lak. ni tengah upload lagik pics hehe.

    ijad - hehe ye. habis tgh hari :)

  7. looked like u had fun there! good for ya!

  8. cesss...
    last year i got rice cooker haa...

  9. Wow! having lots of fun there, yes? Some more win hamper. Sun burn also worth it lah : )

  10. waliz - hehe. yes lots of fun for sure!

    cry - hehe what about this year? :P

    foongpc - hehe kinda worth it :P wanna share the hamper?

  11. sometimes we need to act like kids, no,it's a must.haha.

  12. Seems like you enjoy the games ;)
    And bro, you look hot with your 'aunty' hat!

    Beach soccer with Kain Pelekat eh?
    Why don't you try playing soccer using a binocular maybe?
    Check at YouTube. ;)
    Oh ho, semua pegang kain pelekat :P

  13. idyani - hehe. yeah. i missed the old time when i was a kid. to be like one is to forget all stress! haha.

    dayah - aunty hat? that is the latest fashion ok!

    ya la must pegang. nothing underneath!

  14. Why are the guys wearing skirts in some of the pictures?

  15. hahahahahaha... mcm tepung gombak dah jadiknya muka tu... :D

  16. haha men tepung keke. penuh muke =P

  17. tammy - haha. that is what we called "kain pelikat" here. have you heard of sarong before? its traditional malay outfit. kinda cool. hehe our typical "malay kilt" i'd say! :P

    ej - haha. mcm opera cina dah muka. masa mai tu hensem aja! haha.

    - tu la. member si takdir tu la. grr!

  18. wtf, playing football with sarong? hahahah (gelak guling-guling)

  19. syphoon - haha. i joined because they told me that they couldn't find old sarong for this event but they didn't tell me that they would use new sarong! damn. it was too late to tell them that i didn't want to join hehe. bunch of chicks around! isk.

  20. I love sukaneka.. hahaha

  21. bcd - this is high class sukaneka haha. pakai sarong ok! :P

  22. Kain pelikat lalalala...Elok bebenor pakai kain pelikat...sesweiiii...hehe

  23. ad - hehe cute tak pakai kain pelikat? nampak mcm ronaldo tak? haha

  24. wow! that seems sgt fun!!!

    btw.. main bola pakai kain?

  25. adila - haha ya! cute kan?

  26. sgt!! hehehe how come the goalkeeper takyah pakai kain?

  27. adila - haha you sgt observe okeh! memang goal keeper takyah pakai. kang banyak lak kain terkoyak haha!

  28. actually its not fair if the goalkeepers playing with sarong. Senang je nak tahan bola + takkan ada bola yg celus masuk bawah tu..Hahaha

  29. syphoon - haha. make sense! tak terfikir plak mcm tuh. kena plak goal keeper mcm our opponent tuh, besar goal post pakai pula sarong mampus nak goal :P

  30. haha. latest fashion is it ?

    let's imagine, how if Man Utd or Liverpool or maybe Chelsea wear kain pelekat ? *wink*

  31. dayah - amboi. mentang² dapat jersey baru haha :P

    cannot. if they wear they surely fall down thousand times! ( me!)

  32. haha. love the jersey. :$
    Thanks neway !

    fall down... hahaha ! can't imagine ~ *LoL* :D

  33. dayah - you should go and see! but the additional person need to pay RM60. damn expensive haha.

  34. hej! faisal...really funny to see the pic of playing football in sarongs...hahahaha...

  35. danial - hehe. yes. it was difficult to move about!

  36. menariknya aktiviti skan nih..haha..

    hambik tepung tepung sumer naik muka skali..haha

  37. Look so fun !!!


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