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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Badminton vs Pneumonia

Recently, I started to play badminton again. I chose to quit badminton last time to avoid taking shower at night. Why am I so worry about taking shower at night? It's because of pneumonia.

I talked to some peoples in fact friends, told me that they got pneumonia by taking shower at night and they couldn't avoid it as it's hard to sleep when your body is sticky. I agreed. I can't sleep after sweating all over pretend that it's not sticky and I smell good. I'm not a good pretender, at least to myself. So, that was why i quit about a year or so.

Now, I started to play again. Why? There will be a match between Penang branch and Bukit Mertajam and I don't want to miss the chance. I know it's pretty late for me to get back on track and force myself to be as good as before (now you know why my muscles aches everywhere? @sinchan), but who cares? I still want to play and if there is anyone want to kick me out then you better be ready to defeat me @nggaya.

I know my name will be listed for single and double but I'm still worry about pneumonia. I know sport is good for health, but...

What do you think? Sigh.


  1. jgn bimbang...kalo bukan amalan harian, tak jd masalah bro..=)

    tke care n enjoy da game...

  2. kalau main siang tak leh ke faisal? i mean b4 maghrib after office hour..

  3. MMMM i think you should just proceed with the tournament....

    kalau takut pneumonia ,lepas main lap lap badan saja...jangan mandi k..

  4. ixora - oh. ok. seminggu sekali je. takpe kot ek?

    mummy - akak, badminton main lepas keje akak. pastu semua orang memang main malam. susah nak cari orang main siang.

    - lap tak best la. rasa macam melekit :(

    dayah - tu la. kan tok hadi kena :(

  5. I thought pneumonia was bacterial or viral. I'm confused about how taking a shower at night would cause it. I say play your badminton, you look like you enjoy it and that your very good at it! :o)

  6. bruce lee berkungfu

  7. woaa.. it;s been yearS i hasnt play badminton... miss to play it sometime... hehe

  8. issit true about bathing at night will cause pneumonia?

    Hmm I've heard about his too through my housemate, but I don't even bother about it.

    I always bath at mindnight. Usually I'll reach home around 9pm. So, I felt so "ewww" if I don't bath. Hahah

  9. tammy - weird thing i couldn't find any prove in english but i found one in malay here. actually taking shower at night isn't the exact cause of pneumonia as you said bacteria does. but due to humidity at night time it will spread virus easily i suppose to the lung. i hope any doc could explain about this better.

    ok tammy, i will continue to play :)

    ijad - haha :P

    zhoe - hehe. you should get your feet on the court again :) i plan to play tennis too but i can't be sure if i have plenty of times to spend on sports! :P guess one is more than enough.

    ann - prevention is better than cure :)

  10. Yup..leh terus bermain but jgn terlalu..Insyallah takde pe pe...tapi dgrlah nasihat dr k..

  11. ad - ya. saya akan terus bermain :)

  12. if you avoid playing badminton at night because of that pneumonia, i think it's not best choice. you can arrange your time for playing badminton, may be at saturday, sunday or midday or afternoon? just set yourself for it....

    anyway i'm also a player here in my country. i love badminton very much. i play 3x a week start from 5pm till 7.30pm

    hope you do the same, don't quit playing badminton just because that disease.....

    Badminton Shots

  13. kotasatria - i like your comment. yes you are right, if i choose to quit badminton just because i'm afraid of pneumonia then i guess i just being silly.

    i won't quit but will find time to re-arrange the schedule :)

  14. Erm.. if too scared of caught with that disease, perhaps u can change the time. No, i dont mean after work. I mean before work, right after Subuh. *wink*

  15. zara - right after subuh playing badminton? er. what time should i play? and what time should i start drive to work? omg!

  16. Just do it!

    I also cannot sleep if I don't mandi right before and it doesn't matter if it's 9pm or 4am. I mandi also. Hehehe

  17. whoa..
    mcm hebat je
    jom la match..

  18. Kalau main satu set je, should be no prob with the timing u shud have more or less 40mins of playing right after u had ur subuh..pastu mandi kejap then off to work..tak lambat kan?

    tapi.. i akan tetap tido2 or relax2 lepas subuh..tadenye nak main badminton..hahahhaa...

  19. rozella - now its nike ads? haha. 4am rozie? omg! that is so late!

    abir - hehe jom lhdn vs utp. tapi nak main dkt mana tu? :P

    zara - haha 1 set je? buat penat je bangun awal. so bila last exercise ni? :P

  20. selamat berbadminton Faisal..
    i never heard mandi malam is directly associated with pneumonia..
    Hey ..if u have pneumonia pun....take the augmentin and azithromycin dude !

  21. syukur - thanks doc. augmentin and azithromycin? can get at any pharmacy without prescription? my sis friend's grandma suffer of pneumonia.

  22. Main dkt atas penang bridge..
    mesti dpt dpt crowd attention..

  23. abir - merepek tau abir ni :P hehe

  24. I think the main danger is not being able to get to sleep afterwards, especially when playing till midnight!


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