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Monday, October 27, 2008

Raya Celebration @ Admin 2008

I wanted to write about it on the same day with this event but I got auto-post with other topic. So, I keep this topic today (Friday) and will post it on Monday (haha Seademon, writer block should be no idea of what to write but it happen otherwise with both of us eh?).

Last Friday, admin staff and I made a simple Raya celebration. We invited some bosses and also selected staff (oy! admin staff full of clerks, so don't demand... we are better than those units full with stingy officers!). A week before we agreed on the menu for this event. The menu were chicken and beef satay, curry mee, asam laksa, raya cookies, mix fruits rojak, ketupat, rendang and some puddings (I didn't know those girls in my unit could cook! fell in love with puddings! haha don't ask me why!).

Since we had long lunch break for Friday prayer, we made the event a little bit earlier. It was at 11.30am. Started with State Director and then the Branch Director (I simply put pictures that got me in it, why should I put other faces? haha after all it's my blog :P) and the list goes on.

The foods were fabulous. I enjoyed the foods so much and I was full till couldn't inhale and exhale properly. Haha! Yes, I could eat a lot just that I try to reduce my weight to look younger and healthier :P (I know some of you realize I look plump in Friendster few months ago but not now :P).

Just enjoy the pics below.

Me & Linda with the Raya lantern :P

Me & Zana... ;)

Album cover?

The good, bad and ugly! (Oy! don't get me wrong, it's just the title of a cowboy movie)

Me & Zana again. Krai was trying his skill on DSLR.

Mr Aziz the State Director... I smiled.

This pudding was so delicious. (Linda, you got your Dadih pic? sorry forgot to snap haha)

Curry mee. (forgot to snap rojak and asam laksa... too busy eating!)

Satay! my favorite!

So polite right? :P

Me & Linda with her cap ayam cell phone camera! Lol

Listen to Kakak² gossiping.

Me & Krai. Pink and Red... huhu

P/s: I hate those morons who packed foods so early for their own gigantic belly! Damn! If you want to eat for the whole family, could you please buy them outside?


  1. makan makan kat opis lagik.... bestttttttt!!! ishhh.. nih yg buat teringat time2 kerja dulu nihhh...

  2. ej - hehe. ya makan² kat opis. ala time makan saja yg best. time keja boring! haha.

  3. Our 'makan-makan' at office for Raya has been canceled. I don't know why. Some say, because of nasi impit. And some, no commitment from staffs. But whatever it is, it save us rm30 per person.

    Just imagine, for nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang, satay, and thosai, we have to pay rm30 per person to make it accomplish. Nak makan duit anak yatim la tu. Tak elok!

    p/s: Haha. Having an open house means you don't need to cook for the day. Your lunch, dinner included in the buffet. Haha.

    2nd p/s: You do look like Ryan Evans from HSM.

  4. cahaya - haha we paid rm40 okeh! but i don't want to think much la especially those morons yg curik bungkus makanan!

    p/s: ryan? jangan ugly dah le keke.

  5. glorious nyer . next time..younikut lah style diorang bungkus sama2..hehehe

  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Same everywhere. Tak malu! Last time in my school, the teachers! PK even! People not habis makan already go and tapao to take home. Gaji so besar! Lulus uni, macam tak berpelajaran! If gardener, cleaner...gaji kecik, big families...I can understand. U look prosperous - red colour and tambah isi nampak? Hahahahaha!!!

  7. bunkerangs - eiii taknak lah bungkus². memalukan jek hehe.

    suituapui - yes that was what i mean. big salary, high education but still didn't act like one. pelik kan?

    hehe tambah isi? alamak. *run to gym*

  8. U guys paid rm40? Gosh! Guess kitorang lebih berkira! Haha. That explain the 'bungkus-membungkus' at the end of the day!

    p/s: Tak ugly la. Hensem!

  9. cahaya - haha. once in a blue moon. nak berkira pun tak guna jek hehe. tapi mmg dorang berkira tau! keji. hehe.

    p/s: oh dah tengok yg mana satu. blonde tu kan? haha.

  10. curry me penang style memang best!!!.... satay tu my fav jugak... lelagi kalau satay kambing...perghhh..

  11. OMG!! you are sooo trying to goda me with food!! AHAHAHAHHA

    sgt sedap!
    i want that mee curry!!

  12. puding tu nampak sedappppppppp

  13. rush - satay kambing tak pernah try lagi. sedap ek? hehe. curry mee chinese style superb wor! kalau rush ada datang ke utara naik kete singgah kat highway tu... kat Tapah. nama curry mee nye kedai tu hj sayuti. pergh! perfecto!

    adila - hehe. nah buka mulut nak suap. you need me to send you some ek?

    lindosh - ya sangat sedap. tambah² lagi ehem ehem yang buatkan! haha.

  14. Faisal, I tell you, from the pics, mesti banyak mak mak yang nak ambik jadi menantu. hahahahah sungguh bersopan santun. and yes, that group photo- nampak macam cover album nasyid (in a good way):)

    Food looking so delicious!:) especially the puding. I love cold desert as such.

  15. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Gitulah kakak2 kan. Muka x malu tapau makanan.

  16. farah - haha nampak mcm kumpulan nasyid. terus muka faisal penuh nur. takyah buka lampu di rumah dah terang! keke.

    yes the pudding was so good! as i told you there was something that made it more special keke.

    ted - haha ye. slumber jek tapau dengan muka seposen. tu pasal kaya raya kot.

  17. aiyo ! curry mee memang nampak sedap.
    tambah2 skill dslr ;)

    best2 !

  18. nak tambah skill kena ade sejibik la dslr..tunggu faisal beli,boleh pinjam...ahkz..=p

  19. dayah - hehe. pening wo godek² dslr :P curry mee tersebut mmg sgt sedap okeh! :P

  20. cry - amboi. hg lagi kaya k :P

  21. hej! faisal...whoaaah...eid in the office! great food, great time and everybody with raya costume...;-)

  22. danial - hehe yes. we celebrated raya in the office after almost a month!

  23. hej! faisal..yeah, a month of celebration...;-)

  24. danial - hehe ya. the feeling still there. i guess no wonder i got flu now. so heaty! the foods!

  25. Wow! I can't help not to smile seeing you and Zana hehe, is there something you wanna tell us? :D Bloggers' secret!
    The food looks amazing! Shame on those who packed the food early. lol!

  26. Once in a blue moon pun, agak² lah. Takkan nak makan duit anak yatim kot. Tak elok tu. Huhu.

    p/s: Yep, yang blonde tu. FarahDeen cakap, Faisal sesuai jadi menantu, menantu sape?

  27. aisha - haha she is just one of my colleagues aisha. no hidden agenda lol. yes you would love the food. they are so delicious even just for the smell! hehe yes can i cut those hands? lol.

    cahaya - makan duit anak yatim? hehe this part confusing lah. siapa anak yatim tuh?

    p/s: hehe ada ke org nak buat menantu? :P

  28. phewwitt! segak bergaya~~ :DD

  29. fara - haha thank you, danke, xie xie and gracias :)

  30. Wah! So many great delicious food! Yummy!

  31. Woot! Hensemnya Faisal in baju melayu! Happy hari Raya and which one is ur gf? ;)

  32. foongpc - hehe. yes they are so delicious!

    mariuca - hehe thanks mariuca. er, none in the pics :P *wink*

  33. aku memang pantang tengok makcik makcik yang duk sibuk packed makanan nak tapau wat balik,,rasa macam nak hempuk hempuk jer kepala diorang ngan skrin komputer nih...beradab sket bleh tak??kalau nak tapau lebih lebih beli la sendiri...fuck!

  34. merah menyala hang faisal..sama kaler macam baju akak tahun lepas..

  35. wah hensemnya abang aku ini.... tanya boleh???u keje Hasil dalam negeri kan...kat weld quay ke???

  36. wawah.. bole dinobatkan sebagai org no 2 paling ensem kt penang.
    No 1, guess who?

  37. uish...abang baju merah...

    makan tak ingat owang kat Putrajaya ek...


  38. U look so HANDSOME :D

  39. the pictures are beautiful! But hey, isn't you should wear samping outside the baju melayu? Do you get what I mean? Hehe. Like your friends in the picture "The good, bad and ugly".. hehe :P

  40. rasa2 bila la leh dapat dslr kan ?

    ehem2.... *wink*

    bday coming soon......

  41. axim - wah. kenapa ari ni ganas sgt ni? bukan setakat makcik tu, aku pun dah takut. hehe.

    mummy - hehe ye akak. merah sgt sampai terbakar saya keke.

    elle - hehe alamak terkantoi sudah. beach street depan immigration tu elle.

    kamal - haha bila pon dia menang :P

    yanie - hehe terima kasih yanie. eh ingat... meh nak suap :)

    ann - hehe thanks ann :$

    bcd - if i wear exactly like them, what's the different between them and me? hehe. yes i'm a weirdo. *pst! it's not songket but sutera thai, damn long!haha*

    dayah - *pengsan*

  42. Anonymous10:31 PM

    lapar lak . (>.<)

  43. berrykisses - Haha tengok pic yang mana satu tu?

  44. Anonymous8:40 PM

    tgk pic yg ade mknn laa .
    xkan yg ade ur face kot .
    haha . :P

  45. Berrykisses - Haha memang le, ada banyak pics makanan. Eh banyak ke? :P

  46. Anonymous9:05 PM

    xsedar ke ade byk ?

    maybe thats the reason why you looked kinda plump .
    [sedap je kutuk org den nie] :P

  47. Berrykisses - Haha ye tak sedar. Plump still eh? I'm 70kg now! I was 82kg before :P

  48. Anonymous9:48 PM

    xadela .
    faisal yg ckp nmpk plump , not me .
    sy cume ajuk je .
    haha .

    wow , byknye turun !
    im impressed .
    but ,
    did you skip meals ?

  49. Berrykisses - No I don't skip meals but I have high metabolism which means if I don't eat a lot I could lose weight easily in a blink. Plus, I do sport. So, no excuse for me to lose weight easily :)

    Skip meals isn't a good idea as I'd suggest to others including my family. Eat less is the best. Not to forget eat healthy :)

  50. Anonymous10:35 PM

    great !
    i guess i dont have that high metabolism as its hard for me lose weight eventhough i eat less . *sigh*

    what kind of sports do you play ?

  51. Badminton. I play other sports too but not very good at it. As long as I could do some exercise I'm happy enough :) Are you a health conscious? You should be as your parent are one of them too :)

  52. Anonymous10:41 PM

    haha .
    i think i am . :P

    do you like archery ?

  53. Yes I think so too. Hard to find someone who eat celery though :P

    I never try but I'm good at any games using hand! :P

  54. Anonymous10:49 PM

    you dont eat celery ?

    okay .
    thats good .
    hehe .

    how about football ? :P

  55. No I don't :P

    I'm not good at it but I'm a big fan! How about that? :P I'm a hardcore fan of Man Utd!

  56. Anonymous3:36 PM

    you should try to eat it raw . its good . :D

    erkk ..
    i hate football . :P

  57. Raw? Goodness. I'd try someday :P

    You hate football? Then what do you like? :)


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