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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peeping Tom falls off 8th floor

Kuala Lumpur (dpa) - A suspected "peeping Tom" slipped and fell to his death from the eighth floor of a condominium on Friday in the northern state of Penang, a news report said on Sunday.

The 20-year-old labourer was believed to be alone when he allegedly spied on a woman in a nearby high-rise through his binoculars from the balcony of his rented apartment and lost his balance, the Star daily said.

Police recovered a pair of binoculars at the scene and ruled out foul play as investigations revealed that neighbours had seen the man peeping before the incident.

Classifying the case as sudden death, state police chief Azam Abdul Hamid said that the deceased could have been too preoccupied with his peeping when he lost his balance and fell.



One word: Pervert! @ketuk


  1. I read about it too! (not sure whether NST or my favorite newspaper - The Star). Padan muka orang tu. hehehe

  2. bcd - yeah. i won't say that he deserved. he was simply a pervert.

  3. Anonymous5:48 AM

    padan muka, pervert!

  4. lol.
    why risk his life for .......?
    maybe he don't know that there is such thing as internet. :d

  5. oh my i cant say anything about this
    i guess its his fault too should i say its karma???
    well have a great blogging day to you faisal

  6. oh yeah- absolutely pervert! but now that he's dead, I better not say anything more than that to him. However, what's the use of spying on others? mind your own business- that's always the best thing to do.

  7. nurin - tak baik tau padan muka dia. tapi tindakan dia sebelum tu memang teruk. macam tak ada kerja lain kan? buat jahat jangan sekali. tuhan bayar cash kan? =)

    zamspotte - kesian jugak. cuma jadi mcm ni kan dia juga yg susah. apa pun tak dapat. mengendap salah tau di sisi undang2.

    ismail - some peoples prefer to do things like this rather than virtual stuff. weird isn't it? more weird to those who fantasize about bdsm!

    blue - yes. karma. hehe but he didn't kill the woman anyway!

    farah - maybe that was the only way he got his climax?

  8. face...what goes around comes around...kan...kan...apa2 pun harap berita ini dpt menjadi iktibar untuk kita semua....InsyaAllah...

  9. Astaghfirullahalzim.. If one goes to those lengths to peep on people, it's no wonder that he fell to his death.

  10. wan - ya betul. harap2 semua dapat iktibar dari news ni.

    shemah - if he thinks before act he won't get into this kind of trouble. is it worth it to peep while put yourself at risk? i won't.

  11. Like u said faisal.. Life is too short to be ordinary :)

  12. cyberwira - eh is that a counter comment from your blog? hehe. kinda agree. btw, you got a great blog! i've linked you as well and i'm sure will visit you often =)

  13. Anonymous6:54 AM

    aah... zaman teknologi sumer canggih sumer cepat... ala2 touch n go and smart tag gitu... so, buat jahat pun cepat gak balasannya... semoga kita semua dpt iktibar... :)

    **you, jgn intai org... nanti jatuh!

  14. OMG, teruknya....

  15. I guess it was his own fault, but that's pretty wild.

  16. ini blog budak-budak UKM:

    kalo lu mau layan, sila-silalah berkunjung ke blog kami.

    ini blog merupakan suatu percubaan untuk menjadi kool tetapi gagal. tetap dilihat poyo!

    tapi biar poyo jangan paip*!

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  17. Hi,

    Poor soul, wasted his life just for that. Well, can't blame anybody else.
    What can I say? He's just a pervert.

    Have a great day.

  18. lol buat jahat.. direct kena balasan tu

  19. of the many ways a person could die, he chose to die embarrassingly. hope this becomes a lesson to the rest of the peeping toms we haven't dicovered. sheesh. the thought makes me sick~

  20. nurin - intai orang? don't worry i won't =) too busy with my own stuff =p

    rozella - if you were the girl, what will you do? =)

    tammy - yes. case closed. life is too short to be ordinary but he chose to be worse!

    budak ukm - thanks. nanti saya jenguk k.

    twinks - yes. sadly people highlight his stupidity rather than his death.

    adila - ya. tuhan kan maha adil?

    hanna - if there is no peeping toms, there is no xtube and redtube then? lol.

  21. saya link blog saudara. selamat hari raya.

  22. haha.. lawak nyer!!
    mcn dh xde benda lain nk buat..

  23. azli - selamat hari raya. saya juga telah link blog saudara =)

    kamal - tu pasal. tapi sebenarnye ramai orang suka sekodeng nih. kawan aku di ofis pun ada sorang. pelik kan? sanggup malam2 pegi batu feringghi sekodeng minah salleh bogel. haiz!

  24. Which only means one thing: when you just have to peep, do it on the ground floor. Just kidding...


  25. Instead of pervert, you may also use miscreant or reprobate.. wakakakaka

  26. hi, first time commenting. Saw your comments on Quachee's blog regarding nasi kandar. I think the way they cook the food is unhealthy although it's delicious. Should not eat too much if you have sensitive stomach.

    Btw, this post on the peeping tom, I think it's better to be a paparazzi cos you can get to peep on celebrities who have better looks and figure and it's legal. Haha!

  27. mike - haha! i don't take risk.

    joseph - pervert describe the best. now you are trying to be one? =p

    foongpc - yes i agree with about nasi kandar. i try to avoid if i could.

    lol. paparazzi get paid and paparazzi won't peep from 8th floor like him =p

  28. adyuh.. tu la balasan yg dia dpt on the spot...

  29. Kenapa dgn nafsu manusia tidak pernah kenal erti kematian?...hmmm..ambil iktibar..

  30. Gosh! I don't have anything to say... LOL!

  31. Lol, pity him. But that's the price for spied on women.


  32. zhoe - ya. kesian, kesian gak. tapi dah dia tak kesiankan diri sendiri. nak buat macam mana kan? harap dapat jadi pengajaran kepada kita semua.

    ad - betul tu ad. kita selalunya pentingkan nafsu dari segalanya. apabila nafsu bermaharajalela, kita lupa tentang semuanya termasuk keselamatan diri.

    aisha - lol. yes, you feel sorry at the same time you wanna take it back?

    ann - that is soo mean ann =p


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