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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can't connect to Ares?

Ok, some of my friends and colleagues have been asking me about this problem. Many of them download the latest Ares 2.0.9 and couldn't make it connected. It will keep connecting forever and never get connected.

Ok here is the solution.

1. Open Ares.
2. Click this link.
3. Close Ares.
4. Re-open Ares.

Good luck! @kenyit

P/s: Wanna get the latest version of Ares? Click here.


  1. ape ke bendenye Ares tu?? hehehehe.. i'm totally clueless! ;P

  2. shemah - ares tu p2p nye program. boleh download songs and videos =)

    try lah. you're going to love it!

  3. ooo.. ku fikirkan ares tu nama org.. kekeke.. rupanya P2P.. hehe. actually i ni tak berapa tahu sgt pasal IT2 ni. :)

  4. cyberwira - hehe sorry bro masa ym tu tengah buat keje sikit. normal lah orang makan gaji hehe.

    oh kalau bro perlukan tunjuk ajar cakap je. saya sedia membantu yang termampu =)

  5. da lama tak pakai Ares. sebab da lama tak balik umah

    Ares ada kt PC umah je. malas nak install ares sbb PC ni asyik berjalan2 dari UIA, rumah sampai ke penang da pun.. hehe


    tak pakai Ares...


  7. i prefer beli yang original je

    *verangan padahal i ni raja download. ahahaha

  8. myadlan - hehe lepas je napster kena bayar, terus pakai ares sebab limewire asyik ada virus.

    axim - wah! produk abg bear ke? hehe

    wenkt - hehe. original tak semua ikut citarasa telinga kan? campor2.

  9. dulu 1st time d/load jdi mcm ni gak.. la ni dh ok!!

    la ni bz d/load siri smallville 7 & 8 , heroes 3 n pison break 4

    syok nye layan!!!

  10. kamal - haha aku tengah dl movie percintaan israel dan palestin. member cakap best.

    ko ada dl prison break season 1 - 3? dan house MD season 1 - 4?

  11. What's Ares? Is it like Limewire?

  12. oh im so sorry im so ashame to tell you i dont know what ares means
    is it a software apllication?

  13. Hows your sports thingy coming along?

    Mine, good, but not too good. Hehehe

  14. p.break 1-3 dh ter 'delete' la bro!! house MD?? best ke??

    percintaan israel palstine?? tajuk die mcm tu ke??

  15. dalam sekelip mata.. bermacam teknologi baru muncul..

  16. nice info.. Faisal...i dun even know what was Ares before.. ha ha

  17. tammy - yes, ares is exactly like limewire :)

    blue - yes. its a p2p software which will allow you to download movie or song from people in the whole world. cool isn't it?

    rozella - haha. i will write something about it, maybe today. my body aches everywhere!

    kamal - oh terdelete le pula. haha.

    ijad - ye ijad. teknologi baru muncul. sama ada ke arah kebaikan atau keburukan kita yang tentukan :)

    jade - ares is a p2p software which will allow you to download movie or song from other peoples in the whole world. if you have heard about napster before, you surely know how it works. if not mistaken napster is the pioneer. :)

    syukur - hehe now you know doc ;)

  18. oohh is it?? I never knew that.. my kid sister is still using Limewire. I think I'd ought to ask her to change. As for movies and stuff like that, I have trusty ol' Bitcomet. hehehehe..

    Anyways, yeah.. I think I'll give it a try. :)

  19. shemah - hehe. no harm shemah. try it out. let me know if you like it ok?

  20. I cannot access any torrent or p2p downloading site through my college's internet. But, I have finally changed to celcom broadband. Ok lah, but Strymix is better

    Anyhow, my Ares also cannot be opened. And after I tried your solution, I sill can't! Huhu.. I only used Ares to donlod specific songs. So, it's not a big disappointment if I cannot open it, but still, I would love to use it again.

    I follow your step twice already. Still can't connect. huhu..

    (I usually donlod TV Series, movies and full albums by using torrent. Better that way :)

  21. bcd - follow my steps and let ares connecting. it will take ages, yes but you need to be patient. some of my friends who couldn't connect before followed these steps and problem solved :)

    try again ok? ares is one of the best instead of naspter :)


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