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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Doc Syukur's Tag

I've been tagged by Doc Syukur. Ok, start from now on I think I will simply put tag in here. Lazy to have many blogs like BCD said. Haha. I used to have tag and award blog here. Ok, game on!

1. When is the last time you ran?
Yesterday at the family day. Chasing a friend with flour in a flour war, running in pair with leg tied up and chasing ball in beach soccer with kain pelekat!

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears and holes in them?
Eww. That is so not me!

3. What are you dreading right now?
Fall in love.

4. Do you celebrate 4/20?
4/20? I don't even know what it is. Guess what?

5. When is the last time you saw your significant other?

6. Do you get the full eight hours of sleep every night?

7. What is your favorite current song?
All my life by Kc & Jojo.

8. If anyone came to your house on your lazy days, what would you do?
"Let's watch TV?"

9. Who last grabbed your ass?
No comment.

10. Have you ever been in your school’s band?

11. Do you own a pair of Converse?
Soon. To me nothing beat Converse to match with jeans and t-shirt.

12. Did you copy and paste this survey?
What do you expect?

13. Do you eat raw cookie dough?

14. Have you ever kicked a vending machine?
Never. I hate bruise.

15. Do you hate it when a radio ruins a song by playing a slow one after it?
I hate otherwise!

16. Do you watch Trading Places?

17. Have you ever stayed on line a long time waiting for someone?
Yes. Someone... but I'm worried at the same time of cancer lol.

18. Are you ‘cocky’?
I'm not cocky but I have cock. Make sense?

19. Could you live without a computer?
Unless you keep me busy!

20. Do you wear your shoes in the house?
No. I don't even wear anything and you expect me to wear shoes only? That's kinky.

21. At what age did you find out Santa was not real?
When I pulled off Santa's beard at one of the shopping malls in Penang.

22. How many phones, house phones and cell phones are there in your home?
1 cell and 1 landline.

23. What do you do when you are sad?
Stay in my room and wank. So that I can sleep and forget about it.

24. Who would you call first if you won the lottery?

25. Last time you saw your best friend?
Last Eid Fitri.

26. Who, or What sleeps with you?
No one. Is there someone who could lick my body all over before I sleep? Ops! Guess only my cat.

27. Are you still in High School?

28. Is anyone on your bad side now?
My neighbour.

29. What jewelry are you wearing now?
No. Natural beauty @sengihnampakgigi

30. What is the first thing that you do when you get on line?

31. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?

32. Would you ever wear a boy/girlfriends clothes?

33. Where do you work?

34. What are you doing on Friday?

35. Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson?

36. Favorite name for a girl?

37. Favorite name for a boy?

38. Will you keep your own name when you get married?
I have family name -- Admar. Yes I will keep.

39. When is the last time you left your house?
Last night.

40. Do you return your cart (I assume trolley)?

41. Do you have a dishwasher?
Typical Asian. No.

42. What noise do you hear?
I don't listen to noise (refer to fucking stupid songs!).

Next 5 person to tag : Hidayah, Rozella, Nurin, Kamal and BCD.


  1. aiya.. too many la bro!!
    amik masa gak nk jawab..

  2. kamal - ala. kamon. i know you can do it :P

  3. hehe!! akan dpublishkan..
    coming very² soon.. baru prasan tdi!!

  4. whoa ! a-very-long-tag ?
    will do it a.s.a.p ;)

    love this kind of tagg...
    yuMmy !

  5. dayah - bagus². sila buat cepat ye! :P

  6. Hahahaha Why you so nakal go pull of Santa's beard? Did you get coals that Xmas? :P

  7. rozella - hehe his face was red and i was scared! since then i hate santa and i don't believe in him.

  8. Are u sure your cat ajer yang buat gitu ?? Lain kali nak kena tag u banyak yang soalan 18SX ni.. ha ha ha..anyway thanks Faisal for replying. apreciate that !

  9. syukur - hahahahahaha! *hiding*

  10. how come you never watch Grey Anatomy??best citer tuh..haha...

    are you in love buddy??why currently you are in 'all my life' mood...hehe

  11. axim - hehe. yes never watch! best ke? nanti cari dvd kat batu feringghi je lah :P

    er, hehe. fall in love? read number 3 :P


Thank you for the comment.

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