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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Please pray for her :(

I guess some blogger know her and even if you don't please pray for love-n-hate to get well soon. She is in the hospital now after met with an accident last night. I was shock and speechless when she told me about it. Actually the day before she told me that she did not want to go because she was so tired physically and mentally and needed rest. I told her to say NO for the birthday party invitation but she felt guilty if she simply say NO to her friend. Sigh. She did not drive last night but her friend. I really hope she will get well soon... Lets pray!

The last picture I got from her before the accident

She called me just now and told me there is nothing serious or bad injury. I'm sad :(


  1. oh...I feel sorry for her too. However, I am glad to know that nothing bad or serious happened to her health and physical. I hope she gets well soon.

  2. Hopefully you friend will be alright.

  3. OMG..
    hope she will get well soon..
    very soon.. InsyaAllah..

  4. Praying for you friend, Faisal. :( That is sad. Hope she'll get well soon. Glad it wasn't so serious.

  5. hope she will get well soon k...she so pretty...

  6. farah - yes that was what she told me. i hope there is nothing serious too. lets pray for her.

    sheng loong - yes i hope so. hope she gets well soon and she can go out of the hospital. guess she doesn't like it there.

    nikli - yes lets pray for her to get well soon. amin...

    aisha - thanks aisha. i hope she will get well soon. i'm worried.

    sya - yes, she is pretty... indeed. lets pray for her :)

  7. omg.. me too..

    hope shes well..

    how is she now??

  8. Salam Faizal....
    Actually she's having a bad time trough this week (office & personal matters) & this incident was the climax.

    From her comment (panjang berjelaa....heheh)in my blog I know that she is in the mid of tense.

    Faizal...kita kena back to basic, Qada & Qadar...semuanya ketentuan Allah...kita kena redho. Hari ni hari dia...esok lusa kita tk tahu lagi apa yg akan menimpa kita pulak.

    CM harap dia dalam keadaan stabil mcm yg Faizal katakan tu.

    Sampaikan salam CM pada dia kalau Faizal ctct dia yer. Apa yg boleh kita buat sekarang hanya berdoa agar dia cepat sembuh...tu jer.

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  10. Erk!! Hopefully she was okay and can be out of hospital by tomorrow morning. She's so nice, I presume, based on her comments and if you contact her, do send my warmest regards will ya. Hope she will have a speedy recovery soon and be back blogging.

  11. artistic1412 - she is still in the hospital bruises are everywhere and swollen. tomorrow is another scanning. i hope she is fine... :(

    cm - terima kasih CM. betul cakap CM apa yang kita boleh buat sekarang ialah berdoa dan teruskan berdoa. semoga dia cepat sembuh dan sihat seperti sedia kala. dia tak boleh tidur tanpa ubat tidur sebab sakit sangat :( saya dah sampaikan salam CM dekat dia.

    zackzara - yes she is nice... very nice indeed. i do hope she will recover soon too. now i'm on the phone with her and she just can't sleep, she is in pain. the 2 tablets of painkillers seem doesn't help :( God... help her :( i've sent your regards to her.

  12. is she asleep now? hope shes ok..

  13. Hope she will get better soon...


  14. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for your friend.

  15. she will b alright..insyallah..

  16. Love-n-hate gonna be alright soon..Insya Allah....

  17. OMG I can't believe it... I hope it's nothing major. :(

  18. Lets pray together, hope your friend will be fast recovery.

  19. I can't imagine if the incident happen to me...cause I cannot "tahan" the pain killers pills....gastric maaa. :(

    "Ya Allah, Kau Selamatkan & Sejahterakanlah Seluruh Umat Mu Di Dunia Ini...Termasuk Mereka2 Yang Ditimpa Musibah....Amin"

  20. artistic - she told me that she felt like a big thing dropped on her which make her hard to move even to the washroom. i pray for her every single minute.

    dayah - lets pray. hope she can go out from the hospital soon as she hates hospital so much :(

    tammy - yes, so do i. she did call me during the daytime when i was in the office. she sounded sleepy. guess it was the sleeping pill effect. lets keep praying

    wan - hopefully... insya'allah...

    axim - again... lets pray for her. insya'allah...

    rozella - yes nothing serious as she told me. but i'm still worry. hope doctor will let her go out of hospital soon.

    etavasi - thanks etavasi. lets pray!

    cm - omg! gastric cannot take pain killers? then how to deal with it if we need it so bad? terima kasih CM atas doa CM... semoga dia cepat sembuh

  21. Anonymous7:52 PM

    ya allah,, kau selamat kan lah qistina, moga dia cepat sembuh, aminnn.-f-

  22. how is she now (as at 8.05pm, June 30th)?

  23. Yup.. How is she? Send my regards to her and please tell her that pain is nothing compare with her life. Hope she will get well soon. Insyaallah.

  24. zackzara - she is still in the hospital and can't go shower on her own yet.

    skullsplitter - ok i will send your regards to her later and will tell her about life is precious in your term :) lets pray for her.

  25. REALLY? She just first time commented me in my last post. I hope she will recover fast. Do send her my regards if you're in a condition of contacting her later..

  26. yes sure. will let her know ok? btw, i take this opportunity to tell you guys... she is so happy to have you as friends who keep praying for her and she told me that that she had a fast recovery. she can get out from the hospital tomorrow!


  27. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Salam and Good day to all my beloved friends...

    Firstly, thanks Faisal for this post!! You're such a good friend... :)...

    Thank God I survived the accident with minor injury at my spine and knee... I lost one of my friend :(... the other two... the driver is still in coma...

    thanks for all your prayers. pls keep pray for us. It really help during the healing process... thanks guys... million bunch of thanks... :)

    Lots of love,
    Nurin Qistina Mohd Syah a.k.a love-n-hate

  28. huhhu. pity her. =$

    hope she's fine now.


  29. love-n-hate - no problem. i will always be a good "friend".

    ili - yes, she is fine and now at home. :)

  30. huuuhuhu....

    cian gak kat dier....

  31. dia dah kuar spital okek


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