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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Car Wash

Alright. Today I'm a bit free. No overtime and no business meeting. So, I went to car wash. Do not ask me why I don't wash myself, suppose you already have the answer. Or should I say I hate wasting water? :P

Around 4pm went out to car wash at Relau. Glad that mom and sister want to come along so I won't be so bored. I used to go to the car wash with machine just because I hate waiting. But sadly the one in Sungai Dua closed and I have no other solution but to go to the one that using hands. When I reached Relau, I realize that I haven't bought any snacks and drinks for waiting later. So, I went to the petrol station nearby and instead of buying some snacks and drinks I put petrol and pumped my tyres. Alright, the petrol was RM75 because still got some petrol before I filled in. That was not surprise with the oil price increment. But I was shock when I paid for the snacks and drinks. 4 drinks (2 coffees, 1 chrysanthemum tea, 1 ribena) and 2 chips cost me RM13. Can you imagine how expensive the foods now? Gosh!

I drove straight to the car wash. It was just opposite the petrol station. There were few Indian workers. I talked to one of them:

Me : Hello
Guy : Hello
Me : I want to wash and vacuum. How much and how long I have to wait?
Guy : Do you want to clean your engine too?
Me : No
Guy : RM10 and there are 5 cars queuing
Me : 5? How long I have to wait?
Guy : About 2 hours before your turn
Me : Alright then, guess I do not have choice

Waited under a tree with mom and sister enjoying our snacks and drinks. Even though we hide in the tree shade, trust me it was so hot! How I wish we have 4 seasons :P

Out of my expectation, it was faster than he told me. Thanks GOD! Last time when I went there, they washed first then vacuumed. This time they vacuumed first then washed. Whatever... as long as my car is clean I do not mind.

Bubble wash! My "baby" was so happy ;)

I thought it was a rubbish bin?

Mmm... clean :)

Do you wash your car yourself? If not, do you go to the car wash with machine or just bare hands?


  1. wow... 'baby' enjoying bubble snow bath... very cute!!!!

    er... err...

    i guess my 'baby' need a bath too... macam naik gajah plak rasa... :))

    p/s: i prefer wash with bare hands... and obviously... not mine!!! :)) ... (...selama berkereta... adalah 5 kali kot cuci sendiri... itu pun sebab raya car wash tutup :)) ... tapi nak kereta cantik...)

  2. Lol. Yeah, poor baby dirty for months! Not that I've abandoned her but time killed me badly. How I wish we have 48 hours a day? :P

    P/s: I used to basuh sendiri when I was in college but now no more. Basuh diri saje... hehe.

  3. aku memang suka basuh keter,antar kedai je lah...kadang kadang sampai seminggu dua kali...tapi kalau kena tunggu 2 jam tak pi lah aku...aku akan cari yang kosong,sampai jer terus diorang basuh...not preffer yang mesin sebab tak bersih walaupun a bit cheaper..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. me too, malas nk cuci sendiri tapi kalau mood mari kalu, perghhhh cuci jenis tak hengattt punya, cerewet abisss.

    kl gi Ipoh sure tk nk miss cuci jenis "Drive In", supprisingly RM2 jer...hahhahaha, "bubble bath" lagik (tapi tk der vacuum lerr, cuci luar sajerrr)

  6. My dad washed it. Hehehe I just drive only. :P

  7. Faisal, not sure if it's coincidence, but I sent my car for washing and vacuuming today. Love the smell of a clean car and like you, I hate wasting water at home too! LOL

  8. Hmm.. my husband is very particular about his car. I say go hantar kedai, he said orang kat kedai tak pandai basuh la, tak pandai vacuum la, mahal laa... ish ish..

    I told him he was "cerewet" and then he said, "org penang memang cerewet!" Mengaku juga.. LOL! Is that true? Or I think die je sorang macam tu...

  9. slm bro,heheh..aku jarang basuh kete kat car wash..slalu bangun awl pagi sabtu or ahad dalam kul6, pas solat terus basuh kete,hehe..:) bleh sihatkan badan senam..:) mahal gak ek masuh kete kat sana..kat tpt aku RM6 luar dan dalam..

  10. Is the car in picture yours?

  11. tapi kalau owner sendiri yang drive keta kotor mesti rasa macam gatal² kan...rimas gitew..

    keta pun mau bersih la bro..kena mandi..kasi wangi²

  12. hm for me plak...kt my house ni i dh bayar 30 ringgit per ade org cuci kete 3 time per of course la kete i jarang kotor kan..hehehe...kt kl ni mn la ade tmpt nk pi basuh kete sendiri..kalo umah teres bole la...

  13. Hmm... I think it's really rare to find anybody washing their own cars nowadays. The water system in my house's garden hasn't been working for a long time now, so every time the cars get dirty, they'll be brought to the nearby petrol station to be "bathed". ^^; Anyway, if you're standing (or sitting) there watching them wash your car, they usually won't try anything funny lar. XD And the vacumn works wonders for the interior!

  14. cuci sendiri maa ..
    save duit untuk minyak

  15. Portugal's being eliminated!!

  16. eeek...rm10..sini only rm8 jer...and 2 hrs!..wo!..u dont have much choice dya..maybe the quality of the job is much better kottt
    I dont just go to car wash...i sent my clothes to laundry too...huhuuu..sungguh vain and pemalas hehehe

  17. axim - I do not prefer machine too but I hate waiting in a long queue just for washing car. By the way since you are also in Penang, any suggestion for other car wash?

    CM - Cuci sendiri lama dah tak buat. Part paling malas ialah vakum. Lepas basuh keta sure letih sangat.

    rozella - What a good daughter :P

    farah - Haha it would be good if we meet just now. At least we can cit chat while waiting for our turn. Wasting water at home is not a good idea! Haha...

    shemah - Cerewet is ok if he is not Malas. Hehe. In my case, to spend time and energy washing my 8 years old car is not worth it :P Guess he is driving a new car?

  18. faisal - Entah kenapa diri ini sangat malas untuk membasuh kereta :) Tapi kalau basuh kereta memang boleh menyihatkan badan di samping puas hati basuh sendiri kan? Ya, Penang living cost memang mahal. Sampaikan RM10 basuh kereta dianggap murah :(

    sheng loong - Yes it is my car :)

    mummysyafie - Setuju tu mummy. Dah lama kereta tu busuk tak mandi hehe.

    wahidah - Wah senang kan macam tu. Bayar bulan dan kereta dipastikan bersih :)

    lauraleia - I sat down on a big bench there. If there was no chair or bench, I won't wait any longer lol.

  19. lily - Sangat malas untuk cuci sendiri. Macam Faisal cakap dalam post, malas nak membazir air di rumah hehe.

    axim - Memang berita paling sedih bulan ni :(

    neomesuff - Haha in this modern era, who wants to use their own energy and time? :P No one!

  20. when I am home, that is one of my maid jobs. bangun pagi2 lap kete, pastu kalau kotor basuh.. hehe.. bes tul duk umah mak bapak nih. hehe..

    (I am not driving my car to college)

  21. Lol. Lucky that you have maid. Poor me I do not have one :P

    Kenapa tak bawa kereta ke college?


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