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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shut down your computer via text message from you phone

What do you think? :)


  1. haipp..ehnm..leh ke..tapi macma cepat lak video tu..

    ish..tak brani nak try eekk

  2. Hehe ala boleh repeat kalau cepat sangat. Memang jadi tau :)

  3. Hmmm... pretty cool.

  4. awesome! I am totally trying this.

  5. Shut down my computer??? All my friends live in my computer!!! Just kidding. That's kinda a neat app.

  6. rozella - Yes, this is good when you always on your pc for 24 hours a day and you need to shut down when you are far away from your pc :)

    farah - What's the result Farah? :)

    tammy - Yes Tammy. You can try it when you are free :)

  7. i find it interesting.. but is it really true? or just a fiction..

    good thing i gave u some ideas here...

    nope.. as for your question, i'll be able to see my fiancee still. that means i still haven't gotten any green card and such...

  8. errr..fascinating..but i think i better shut down my pc before i go hehehee..too complicated hehee and too lazy

  9. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Amazing, it's working!!!

  10. jeff & nova - It is true Nova. You should try it :)

    Oh I hope you will get your green card soon. I heard it's hard to get one now?

    neomesuff - Lol. When all the steps done. You will find it's easier to shut down this way :P You'll be lazier than ever :P

    love-n-hate - How cool? Hehe so you do not need to worry about your computer still on at home.

  11. wah .. kewl !!
    hebat hebat

  12. Dah try? Lepas try lagi rasa hebat hehe.


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