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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Do not knock!

I read about this in email. We often see a caution sign about : "Don't smoke", "Don't use cell phone" and "Off your engine while fill in petrol". But do you know there is another thing you can't do?

Normally, we put the nozzle and wait until the last drop of the petrol. After that, we usually knock the nozzle while it's still at the tank just for 2 reasons :

1. Do not want to waste the petrol
2. Do not want the petrol drop on your car which will spoil the paint

Careful! The nozzle is made by metal and so does the car tank. If the nozzle is rusty and the tank is jagged, it might create fire!

Advise : Just leave the nozzle for a while after finish, so it won't drop on your car.


  1. thanks for sharing this tips... surely there will be many who will read and understand the proper ways...

    as for your question, i'm sure soon enough there will be an english version of this movie "caregiver"

    thanks for the comment and the effort of your visit.. i really appreciate it...

  2. My pleasure Nova. I hope this is a good information for anyone who reads.

    I hope I can watch the English version soon :)

  3. tq 4 ur tips......

  4. Err...err..err...
    To be honest, I always did that!

    Thanks encik faisal..

  5. wahidah - My pleasure :)

    love-n-hate - Yes, me too. But we never realize it's dangerous :)

    No problem, my pleasure.

  6. I always just go... "Abang! Boleh tolong ke?" Hahaha I malas giler to isi minyak myself :P Oh, it's good to be a girl!

  7. oh thanks a lot Faisal. I do the knocking sometimes too. LOL, now I will remember your article and not do it again.

  8. rozella - Lol. In fact I malas juga nak isi minyak and pam angin. In fact I hate to drive :P Remember, the workers there knock sometimes :P

    farah - Good Farah. Glad that I can share this with you :)

  9. aaaaaaaa...good tip..never thought of that

  10. err...
    i did that too..
    every time...
    dunno ler...
    but now still kena buat gak,,
    sbb petrol da naek harga..

  11. neomuff - Me either. Glad that I can share this information with you :)

    abir - Lol. Yes, bad news for Malaysian. Increase like 78 cents right? Go BN go! :)

  12. Faisal...

    I still do it... I still knock it!!! It's only stop after 2nd knock coz I remember this post!!

    p/s: maybe I was too pissed off at that time sebab minyak naik, so I keep knocking w/o realize how dangerous it could be!!!...

  13. Hehe that's dangerous my dear. But glad that you still remember my post :)

    I'm pissed off too with the petrol price. In fact I was mad about all items price especially groceries since 2 weeks ago. I used to buy my monthly groceries for RM200+ but now the price increase to RM400+. The things that I bought were the same. Amazing right? :)

  14. Faisal, just got my VIOS a full tank last nite. It's RM105!! I'm on tight budget!!! Luckily I don't have to do groceries...

    p/s: goodbye LV, gucci and coach... :((

  15. Yes, its really a hard time for us. Now we have to make a budget in more details than before. A long list perhaps? No more driving around town in weekend. Everybody become homely type person :)

    Is that good or bad? Lol.

    Some might say good as you won't waste your money around for some junks.

    Some might say bad as you need to pamper yourself in weekend as you work like there is no tomorrow for the whole week!

    What say you? :)

  16. I know about this from my dad. Anyway, I rarely follow the caution sign about off engine while fuel up my petrol. I just don't like Banglas asking me to do something like they have the power of directing me so. Most of them can't even speak or understand malay for God sake! Pastu nak arah2 orang lain dengan penuh ke authoritative voice plak.. Ish2.. Bukan kereta yang je leh terbakar, maybe I will too! huuu

  17. If you do not turn off the engine, then it will be more dangerous than this knocking issue. Ignore the Banglas and think about your life first :P


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