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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tarzan : Bulletproof Man

This is the hottest news in Indonesia. A bulletproof man!

To those who don't understand Malay or Indonesia, this news is about a man who can't be hurt or killed by any weapons including guns! He is called Tarzan by Indonesian and has killed a policeman who came with another guy to ask for the debt -- 2 millions. He stabbed the policeman with a dagger on the head until the victim died.

The video shows how police tried to kill him but the bullet just couldn't hurt him until a woman told police to break the ring that he wore into pieces. The sniper shot the ring on his finger and then the next shot killed him. Amazing.


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    none beats Allah!!!

    p/s: sepandai2 tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua...

  2. tu kira cam ilmu hitam gak...apa nk heran kat Indonesia tu, everything is possible.

    aku penah dengar satu citer kt Jawa di mana mayat "dihidupkan" kembali supaya mudah untuk dibawa keluar dari hutan untuk upacara pengkebumian....

    tapi kita kena ingat balik segala yg terjadi adalah dengan kehendak Allah dan kekuasaan Allah itu mengatasi segalanya.

  3. That's pretty freaky. I wish I could have understood the language, but it helped that you said what was going on.

  4. wow.. this is magic :D hehehe

  5. yeah, i agree with the above commenters. It might be black magic, Indonesians are great at this art anyway. Kinda spooky though.

  6. Honestly, I don't wanna watch that vid.. I don't wanna get spooked. hehehehe..

    It also reminds me of the P.Ramlee movie, "Seniman Bujang Lapok" where Sudin wanted to borrow his boss's money to buy that "batu sakti". hehehe.

    With all this black magic stuff, we all need to have a stronger faith in God.. just so we don't get tempted to "try it out". :)

  7. i want to have that ring (cincin) :D not Gelang Indinium from May First hehehe :D

  8. That was scary! Amazing! I wouldn't want to be near a man like that. lol

  9. Slm bro,

    Emm, mmg org tu jahat tapi dibunuh dan divideokan camtu macam kurang sopan je bagi org Islam kan..err, kekadang kita terfikir..Rasulullah yg kita kasihi tupun tak kebal dari pape..jadi buat pe kita nak menuntut ilmu kebal camtu..bleh syirik jadinya..

  10. I pun tak berani watch the vid. Hehehe I get spooked out real easily. Later cannot sleep lah tonite! :P

  11. The man is indeed scary. Luckily the sniper managed to finish him. He looks like those incredible guys in the movies.

  12. wow very amazing video!!!scary though...

  13. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Next time if you find another man like this dont kill him, just bring him to UFC Octagone for fight againt..Chuck Leddel

  14. uish..ada gak orang camni ekk..takut nye.

  15. Spooky!
    Is the ring for sale? hehehe..
    I want to buy one.. "my precious"
    Scary but sad coz he died.. tsk tsk..

  16. Mana Faisal menghilang ni? menuntut ilmu nak jadi bullet man gak ker? LOL

  17. wohoooooooo... ilmu kebal... mmg dahsyat la kannn....

  18. Gosh.. Is this really for real? O_o That's just totally spooky and creepy and freaky!
    But why call him Tarzan? =.= He used to talk to gorillas? ~_~ Btw, i didn't dare to watch the vid. Way too gross. =X

  19. hi, sorry for the abbreviation, is somewhat a seminar for guidance and counselling for overseas to know and learn about the culture in other country...

  20. WOW THIS IS REAL? @_@_@_@_@

  21. hey bro! after a long time im back! yay!
    been so busy and internetless..


    anyway, in this modern age got ppl with ilmus lagi?

    hard to believe, got technology!

    i mean, everything is from ALLAH S.W.T!

  22. black magic bersepah kat indon kan?

  23. love-n-hate - Agree with you. Nothing beats the Almighty! :)

    CM - Setuju dengan pendapat CM. Dengan kehendak Allah, semuanya boleh terjadi. Ya, ni kira ilmu hitam gak di mana cincin tu buatkan dia kebal.

    tammy - I can arrange a Malay/Indonesian class for you, lol. Yes, I hope you understand a little bit about what is going on with the video and it was the hottest news in Indonesia :)

    etavasi - Lol yes it's one of the magics which we called black magic ;)

    farah - Hmm, yes I agree with you. Whole world should be careful with Indonesian and Siamese. I do not point them out for something bad but seriously (I guess Indonesian and Siamese would agree with me) they are good with black magic and spells.

  24. Anonymous1:18 PM

    kenapa agree je ni... where's the fun!!

  25. shemah - Lol, you should watch this video. No harm at all. Yes, I agree with you about faith in God to avoid us trying black magic whenever there is temptation :)

    etavasi - Haha you make me laugh out loud and roll on the floor. You better don't try that ring anyway. Just be a normal human being :)

    aisha - I do not want to be near to a man like that too. When human has super power, the person tend to forget who he is and he is not God.

    faisal - Ya saya setuju dengan Faisal. Benda-benda macam ni memang boleh jadi syirik. Setuju juga benda-benda macam ni tidak sesuai dipertontonkan. Tapi bagi warga Indonesia mungkin berita ini dapat membuatkan mereka tidak berasa resah lagi. "Seeing is believing". :)

    rozella - There is nothing to be afraid of. It's a news in Indonesia and suppose to be categorized as "UMUM" :)

  26. sheng loong - Yes, he is a dangerous man since he killed a policeman before. He should use the ring to help police or weak people instead of abusing the power and showing off.

    axim - Not that scary since it was just about a bulletproof man with bunch of policemen around. No idea if it happen in front of me :)

    anonymous - He can't be defeated or injured. How could you compare him with a wrestling actor? :P

    mummysyafie - Ya memang gerun kan? Rasanya bukan dia seorang saja yang ada cincin tu. Maybe ramai lagi yang ada cincin macam tu.

    twinks - I hope you won't buy any ring like that. Just be a normal human being. After all, we are not against anyone or seeking enemy right?

  27. farah - Hehe ada kursus di Bayview Hotel selama seminggu. Ni baru la boleh rest di rumah :)

    ej - Ya, Ej jangan pula dok beli cincin macam tu ok? Satgi dok pi belasah mamak nasi kandar pulak haha!

    lauraleia - There is nothing horrible in the video. Just some actions of shooting and bulletproof actions. Can't even see blood clearly. Take a peak ;) About why they called him Tarzan, I've no idea too.

    nova - Oh ok Nova. I wondered what it was all about :)

    nikli - Jangan pula nak try ye :P

  28. ann - Ya Ann, ini adalah benar bukan rekaan :)

    artistic - Yes, people in Indonesia and Thailand still practicing black magic. There are some cases in Malaysia too but not as good as Malaysia's neighbours.

    green apple - Ya betul. Kadang-kadang takut juga kan nak pergi Indonesia. Sebab bukan semua Indonesia sukakan orang Malaysia.

    love-n-hate - Erk, to those good and right points I have no intention at all to disagree :)

  29. wah.. that indeed amazing story, from what you wrote.. I can't see the video though, don't know why.. huh, malas plak nak refresh byk2.. hehe

  30. Haha slow internet connection? I wonder why today (Sunday morning) the internet connection is so slow :(

  31. good....../

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