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Friday, June 27, 2008

Course : Better Spoken English

The course started from 16th-20th June 2008 and held at Bayview Hotel. It was an English course which you learn everything from the beginning. It was fun but since they did not want to come at night, the course have been squeezed for daytime only. It was full of assignments :) but still it was fun.

My name tag

Erk, auntie please stop talking on the phone!

There is nothing much I want to say about the English course since you learn everything like you were in primary school :P Alright, lets talk about something I know attracts many bloggers. Who does not loves food? I doubt. The foods there were just ok. If you read my post before about food at Bayview you will have some ideas about it. But for the whole week it was not Revolving but the one on the ground floor. Still not much different from Revolving. The last night there the management collected RM10 each person (because my company paid for the ground floor price only) for Revolving since many of them never been at Revolving Restaurant. I did not mind... I joined.

Ground floor foods. I did not eat much

Ground floor breakfast

Ground floor dessert. Love the french pie!

Do not ask me why many desserts! :P

Me at Revolving Restaurant

Colleague. Why only him? He was punctual ;)

An hour after... some other colleagues

The band that only stayed there until 8pm? Argh!

Some foods I ate, I know I ate a lots more :P

Best part! Ice cream

I made this when I was thinking of someone ;)

Bayview Hotel is a 4 stars hotel but to put it as a "clean hotel", I won't. Why? Alright the room was clean but the thing that spoil it's cleanliness was the cockroach! I wondered why there was cockroach in my room! I thought it was only in my room but others as well. It was disgusting and I hope the hotel management take initiative about this.

Cute little creature :(

I love the swimming pool there. Forgotten to bring my swimming trunk along I simply wore my short. Lucky the guard was not strict. The depth of the pool was 3.5 meters! Yes, to those who does not know how to swim. You better do not swim there! It has shallow side too which was about 1.2 meters. Another side of the pool it has a jacuzzi :) While I was busy swimming a white man said "hi" to me and he was from Australia. He asked me how do I rate this hotel. I simply replied "It is so so... there are many others that are better than this one". I was pissed off by the cockroach of course!

What a gay pose? Lol.

I like my room's view (regardless my room was bigger than others! haha! lucky me!). Facing the main road did not bother me much since the road was not so busy at night and during the day time I was in the course. I could see sea! Mmm... a peace of mind.

The view during the day time

Dawn :) Mmm...

Enough space?

Mmm love the tub even though it was not big enough for me :P

Before hot tub bath :P

The bed for me alone ;)

I did not bring a lot

So guys... you have an idea now why I did not update my blog for so long? Plus, I just finished repairing my laptop (formatting and installing drivers, actually with a lot of helps from my 2 friends who are expertise).

It was so hard to search drivers on internet including the official website of HP. I'm using Compaq Presario. Till later... ;)


  1. laa .. faisal keje lhdn ke upenya ..

    si nikli tuh pun lhdn jugak ..
    sonok yer .. sambil ada course sambil tuh boleh makan2 pree .. mandi manda ..

    ok la tuh .. enjoy jugak ape !!

  2. Haha ya Lily... baru neh Nikli email pakai LHDN punya email. Terus terkejut hehe. Dia cawangan JB.

    Betul-betul... di samping release tension di ofis, boleh juga makan-makan, mandi-manda dan buat lawak di kursus tuh hehe.

  3. gay is not a crime

    my bestfren said to me once

  4. It is not a crime of course :) But hardly acceptable in community. Don't you think so?

  5. hey faisaladmar,

    eng-lish co-ur-se!!! bestnyer!! food macam sedap je... the view, the room... OK.. but lipas??? haiyakkk... sangat potong lahh... love-n-hate benci lipas... i can smell it from far away... yucks2...*hilang dah selera makan*

    talking abt 'lipas'... love-n-hate pernah jual rumah sebab rumah tu banyak lipas... kat bwh rumah ada busut lipas... and it's everywhere... yucks2... even in my dream... Gosh!!!

    gay is not a crime of course :)... to be hypocrite about it??? survive??? it OK if someone being hypocrite abt being gay just for the sake of 'lovable' community??

    p/s: love the pics... :) ... i'm on my way to celebrate my friend's birthday... i will send mine... :)

  6. kalau aku yg datang course ko ni...aku datang untuk makan je kot.
    sangat appetizing okkkk.

  7. Lol. Yes, the cockroach really spoiled everything. I hate killing animal including insects but my friend simply kill them :(

    Talking about killing animal, yesterday morning I was sad. On my way to work, at the corner after traffic light I saw a new born kitten walked in the middle of the road naivety. But nothing I could do as I was shock and almost kill it. It was dark at that time and the little kitten is black. I wanted to stop but the car behind almost hit me and all cars were fast. Mom did not allow me to go down and take the kitten as she did not want me to get hit by car or motorbike. I felt terrible and not even had nerve to look back. I felt like a loser at that time... and now listening to Imagine by John Lennon really make me think of the kitten. Sigh.

    About gay I do not know much how the community acceptance. In Malaysia I suppose they should be discreet for the work and community sake. I don't hate gay or transsexual. They are human being and deserve respect too. Even animal deserve respect... especially pet. Most people don't.

    Thanks dear. Drive carefully okay?

  8. green apple - Hehe nak makan kena hadiri kursus la... Tapi bukan nak belajar apa sangat pun. Cuma refresh balik la apa yang kita belajar masa kecik-kecik yang kadang kita lupa tentang kesalahannya :P

    Ya makanan memang sedap ;)

  9. Lol, nice pic neway...
    Xspecially, watermelon with heart-shaped... Creative ! And I think I know who was on your mind on that time =)

    About the room, your were so lucky to have big and comfortable room but UNfortunately there's a 'lipas' in the toilet... HOW COME ??
    I've never seen before... Even 2 or 3 star hotel more cleaner than 4 star hotel...

  10. EWwwwwWWww.. I hate cockroachessss!!! Totally don't expect to see one in a hotel room! Yuck!

    Anyways, bile nak blog about the someone behind the "heart-shaped" watermelon story?? kekekeke..

    btw, faisal.. great pics!! i think first time lah tengok alot of personal pics of you in one post! :)

  11. The food looks great, but the bug is ewwww! The pictures of you look good!

  12. awww... that's so sweet! you made a heart-shaped watermelon when you thought about me! thanks, faisal!

  13. hidayah - Yeah it will give a bad impression to foreigner as well. I wonder why that Australian asked me about what I think of the hotel. Guess he found the secret as well.

    Yes, I was lucky to have big room for me alone which I suppose to share with another colleague but for some reasons he needed to go home.

    The foods was delicious especially ice creams! About watermelon, I know I am creative, lol.

    shemah - Yes, I wonder how come there was cockroach in the room (actually in the washroom). To say the room is uncleaned, I doubt. Guess and old hotel room should has some "antique" creature too? Lol.

    Er, about the water melon? Hehe I need to ask the person involved first :P

    Thanks. I hope some of the pictures don't label me as pervert haha!

    tammy - Thanks Tammy especially the on in the pool? :P Yes food was delicious. Hehe you hate cockroach too?

    chen - Haha Chen the Bulu Dada! Keep up the good butt :P (I mean in your blog).

  14. First of all CM mtk maap lama dah tk datang sinik...very2 bz maaa.

    To some people...attending courses is HELL but for me it's HEAVEN, it's also a break or holiday for me. I'm tired of thinking bout job.

    Hehehehe...sometimes (nooo I think usually) I put on weight after attending courses...heheheh :)
    Manyak kali makan maaaaa

    Faizal...kl CM kt Penang nnti boley ler banjer CM mkn kat mana2...Line Clear ker...apa2 laahhh ;)

  15. lolss

    it was just a joke about gay thingy,

    didnt tot u guys would talk about it


  16. CM - Anytime je... CM sampai Penang bagi tau ok? Suka nasi kandar ke? Kapitan or Kayu better kot. Line Clear kotor sangat... banyak tikus :P

    artistic1412 - Lol. I simply replied. Ask love-n-hate why she replied on the same topic haha!

  17. Is this course supposed to help those working there good or better with spoken language? hmm I doubt a few days course could do any good when it comes to language though, anyway, a little help is always appreciated! :) It's good now that the education system has changed and made English compulsory. It's horrible to see how so many people are unable to speak proper English- with proper vocabulary and of course grammar.

    by the way Faisal, those food looks great, not sure abt the taste though. :) and the gay pose....wohoooo!!!! LOL LOL

  18. faisal, if im not mistaken..the one in ur pic is zaki rite..?? mm.. am i rite..??

  19. farah - yes, not much different for a week course. i guess it just add more courage to them to speak with public. hopefully...

    about the gay pose... lol. *speechless*

    the food looks better than its taste hehe.

    nikli - alamak... how do you know his name? huhu... is he that famous?

  20. i knw his hsemates..
    wat a small world..

  21. his housemates? didi eh?

  22. i tot my bro is the most famous at LHDN !! xD

    Ouch, jk jk jk =)

  23. waaa da macam perjumpaan balik rakan rakan sekerja jer nih..haha..Nikli ngan hang sumer satu bumbung la nih..baguih baguih....

    kursus aku sangat enjoy...tapi tang makanan nye je la...HEAVEn Giler......memang masa untuk melantak dan melupakan semua lemak lemak yang terkandung dalam makanan tersebut..hehe

  24. lol Gay pose ? hehehe.. ada juga sikit2 hehehe... just kidding..

    Wah best juga course nii..boleh makan2 dan mandi2 lagi.. best nye..

  25. faisal...
    ur life sgt best...
    jeles la..

  26. dayah - no, i stay low and discreet lol.

    axim - haha kalau tengok pic kat ko nye comment neh mmg nampak kurus kan? tapi dalam blog dah nampak berisi... sebab banyak sgt kot attend kursus? kekeke.

    - hehe gay pose? saja2 suka2. colleague gatal nak pose macam tuh... layan saja lah kerenah dia :P

    ya, sangat enjoy... makan dan mandi sambil ketawa!

    abir - best ke? keke biasa je kot... sama je dgn org lain. ada yg lg kerap gi kursus tau... contohnya axim :P

  27. paling la sangat100000 attract my attention is,
    ur gay pose :)

    hah! seems like the gay pose is mostly said in the comments oh~ (kiNda la i think) *i made an effort to read through all the comments lol*

  28. Haha.. Fara, me too. I read tentatively all the comments above. lol. At first I thought that man with you was the mat saleh you talk about earlier, but he doesn't looks like a mat saleh to me. haha

    anyway, I always treat courses/seminars like this like a vacation. hehe

  29. fara - haha it was just a pose... and some friend even text me telling me its way too much. lol. i don't care... :D

    bluecrystaldude - lol. of course he is not that mat salleh :P

    yes, course like this really help you to release your tension :D

  30. i agree with fara... the gay pose really attract mt attention.. ngee... u r reallly sporting and for God's sake, pls don't do it again.. hehe...
    x rela...

    btw, i like kursus... boleh GEMOKKAN badan like u

  31. haha! okay i won't do it anymore... (feel like i want to change the post title... "gay scene -- above 18 please!")

    ar... me gemuk? damn abir hahaha!!!

  32. change la the title..
    btw i'm above 18 edi..

    eh kalau marah maknanya betul la u ni gemok..

  33. change la the title..
    btw i'm above 18 edi..

    eh kalau marah maknanya betul la u ni gemok..

  34. oit spammer detected kekeke :P
    no la, not gemuk okek... chomel jek ;)

  35. bluekkkk!!!!
    *vomit abir, vomittt!!!

    Chomel la sgt...
    siap bold lg the typo..

  36. Haha it's not typo la... keji Abir... bila nak lanje KFC nih? ^_^

  37. xnk blanje...
    i'm not workin la..
    i'm just a cute and smart university student...
    if i'm workin like someone tu, bolehla blnaje..

  38. Lol. RM500 as a clerk. What do you expect? But okay deal time and place. Treat you ;)

  39. my scholar oso RM500 per month..
    eyt tipula clerk LHDN just got RM500 per month...
    i know la...
    my mom oso work with LHDN

  40. kekeke... cis :P
    so bila nak lanje pizza nih? lai lai


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