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Sunday, January 13, 2008

what's new

Media plays up Malaysian Indian Issues

Here is the news and some pictures.
What Samy said?

Hindu Right Action Force [HINDRAF] said they have been socially and economically discrimated. How true? I have some Indian friends who are good friends and they are even richer than me. So, what evidence to support this statement? Even if you check the poverty status, Malay is still the highest percentage.

I hope we, Malaysian, live in one country will live in peace and harmony. Merdeka?

Questions :
1. How could media in India involve in Malaysia's internal affair?

Potato lovers may have higher diabetes risk

I laughed out loud when I read this [Ah! come on... Like you always think straight =P].
Read this.

Chua Quits All

What news said?
He is now back to the basic. Maybe he is tired of politic and could take no more when his personal life has been spying. So many dirty tricks and tactics and Chua was the victim. Others? Be careful =)

To those who knows nothing about this, kindly click here.

After cooking oil, flour goes missing?

Man! What's next? After we short of cooking oil and now flour? What happen Malaysia? Food like roti canai will increase price around 20 cents. I've read this article in The Sun newspaper but I could not find it on it's online news. Sorry.

Vote for the top word

"Vote for the top word". This is what they want... Lol. There are some new words created and you can view them at

Two words that caught my eyes were :
1. "Tanorexia" which means Obsession with suntan
2. "Salad Dodger" which means Obese person

Haha! =)

Nice property website

I found this website about property. If you have interest in property investment... just take a look by click the underline word ok? =)


Ok I will list some interesting news but no link or web I could find to let you guys read.
If it happen you can find Jan 11 2008 The Sun newspaper or find it online... find these topic :

1. Police find couple testing 58 erection pills in parked car [a must read... I laughed out loud]
2. Property Plus : Malaysia a favourite among foreign property investor [this is referring to "Malaysia my 2nd home" plan]
3. Reinventing bathroom [man! the shower from the roof like real rain is so nice!]

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