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Sunday, January 20, 2008

parking : bang!

Ah, this time really made me stress. I went to office... yes... overtime, and when I parked my car -- I bang the pillar [pillar that divide the car lot]. Darn!

How could I be so careless? But thing happen, so... there's no regret. I couldn't turn back time anyhow. Left some scratches on my car... Urgh!

Driving to office...

Argh! The scratches!

Stupid pillar!


  1. -pDUd hOYa-5:43 AM

    noob tatau nk parking camtu la, ajajaja!!

  2. Dem it =P
    Bukan nak kesian dekat aku...
    Aku mase tu kelam kabut dol, tiba-tiba tengok terkena lak... Argh~


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