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Sunday, January 13, 2008

what i did yesterday?

Lol, do I look like 70's? Ok this is pic of me start driving to office. Great sunny day but I was so lazy to drive to town. Yeah, my office in town.. Sigh.

Ok, I was bored... So I took some pics of keychains given by my colleague and boss. Cute eh?

Ok... this is my Man Utd poster! It gives me a smile whenever I feel stress or in anger =P

This is cute lil xmas teddy... sis bought it and put it in my car =D

Ok this is me again, drove to Infinity a cyber cafe opposite Bukit Jambul Complex. Usually I play at home but this time Andy, my Ragnarok's friend came down to Penang visiting his grandpa. Sorry Andy, no pic of you =( Forgot to take... Btw, why I look chubby? In fact, I'm so thin now! Focus on my shirt... Haha.. To All4One member, you know what is that right?

Ok these are some of the screen shots of the war... Hehehe =P

Guess what is this? Hahaha many of you sure think it's just a common laksa... but the truth is it's not! This is Laksa Lemak... It's like curry a lil bit but still the same ingredient like you cook a normal laksa. My sis the youngest one cooked the normal one which you called Laksa Asam and my younger sister cooked this one Laksa Lemak. Look nice? Taste it and I know you will like it... Because I have brought it to my office and everybody loved it =D

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