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Sunday, January 06, 2008

election's effect

Election is coming... Many political ways of seducing the people in Malaysia. Either good or bad impression. The rest we... people to judge.

Recently, we are short of cooking oil. It's really a shock news since we're the one who provide oil to other countries and also our own. But then, what happen? I saw it my self at the grocery shops and malls... yes, it does happen. Why is this happen?

Way before that, petrol has been increasing twice a year... which not make sense at all. What happen? We have our own petrol tho but thing like this still happen.

Not to mention price of flour increase which make all restaurant up thier price too! Then they blame the restaurant, yet not the person who responsible for this of course...

Lately petrol increase again together with the tol fee. I still have no idea why the price of so many things increase when we have collected great tax from peoples and it increase each year. This year we have collected 75 billions. Not a small amount tho!

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