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Monday, January 14, 2008

pet shop

Around 5pm Sunday, I went to a pet shop that we used to go since years ago. So, to get rid of bored, I just snap some pictures [ah yes, I start taking pictures since I've this blog =p]

Cute little bunny? Hehe my sis really wanted to buy it but mom did not allow. Yeah, it is hard to rear a bunny... not to mention when it gets bigger!

Hehe I wrongly called it Iguana [which Iguana is uglier than this and more scary lol]. This is chameleon [which means "earth lion"].

Ok, this is a kitten. She kept meow-ing at me =P

Guess what? Yes you're right... A python! Nice skin color eh?

Hamster... I love looking at them. They're as busy as ant... er maybe a little lazy... Lol

The Big Dog who guard the animals. Big and lazy... Every time I go there, she surely sleeping.

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