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Sunday, January 06, 2008

ragnarok again

My sweet old game. I didn't play for so long... maybe about 3 months. I played this game since 3-4 years ago and it was like routine for me. But then since I started to read a lot, I quit Ragnarok 100% and sold my precious Ghostring equipment for RM450. Money isn't everything yes, but it was the sad moment.

Now to make myself not addicted to Ragnarok anymore, I don't touch my own ids and characters anymore. I borrow from friends if they don't use that character and id on that day. Some good friends that I know same age as I know Ragnarok, helped me alot.

Today I will post some great moment that happen in WoE and PvP. Thanks to SOB and Kenshin for lending me your id.

Beyond these scene, deep in my heart I do miss this game. Many good and bad things happen in this game. There were loyal, betrayer, poor, rich, friendly and rude players from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. We spoke Malay and English. Started from 2 big servers [English RO and Malay RO] it was divided into 3 sub servers. So I was from Loki, Malay RO [introduced by my cc mate]. They are also Chaos and Lidia. As time goes by, the sub server kept decreasing quantity of player which forced game provider to merge the server. From combining 3 servers in MRO to combining all servers MRO & ERO -- MERO.

I still remember the moment I had my own successful guild called Enigma. Too much of pictures to put here but it was the sweetest moment ever before 3 big guilds from Loki -- Wirawan, Ancient Legacy and Enigma combine -- All4One untill now.

My target when I started playing this online game were to get a boy cap and hold Honglou. And yes, I got what I want. Enigma did hold Honglou castle and yes I got my own boy cap.

Not to forget the most sad story happen too... My Ragnarok gf betrayed me. She knew my details and perhaps my id and password as she did use my character before. Her new gang at that time hack my id. My precious Ghostring [I bought at RM400 but sold at RM450 =)] disappeared from my store too. I made a polis report and fax to Gameflier and I got back my things. I was so shock when I saw the blacklisted name included her. How pathetic... all my characters were deleted by them. There was a crisis happen at that time which I did not take it serious but they did... and this thing happen. Then my guild leader and some other members came to Penang to persuade me to play back and they even bot for me for free. I was so happy and really appriciate for what they have done to me. I still remember the gang that came early in the morning that day -- Cappalz, Eita, Yus and Joe.

Another sweet moment was when I joined PvP competition at Subang. I lose but it was fun. We gathered and celebrated our anniversary too [you can click on my friendster link to see those pictures].

I know sooner or later this nice sweet game will vanish. So, I take this oppurtunity to post about it. At least, when there is no more Ragnarok, but the story and memory still on my blog and deep in my heart.

My sweet love Ragnarok...

p/s: What is Ragnarok? Click here.


  1. i miss r.o too :(

  2. hehe yeah me too... thats why eventho i dont play anymore, i still war sometimes.. no harm rite? =)

  3. Ballack5:17 PM

    I miss u la admar. Miss the moment cheating u with girls
    Anyway, thats the RO true power. You gain my respects & we gain as friend for long time ago. Dont say me gay har... Good luck pursuing your future.

    Memoirs(Dancer terseksi di mata anda)... wakkaka...

  4. haha bryan... :P
    i'm hardly be so respectful like you... you are well-known since years ago hehe...
    anyway, yeah... RO really makes me know so many friends, including you.. i'm glad that im one of the ro players :)

    bright future to you too :)

  5. Anonymous10:43 PM

    So... is anyone still playing it? RO will vanish (no kidding) if all the precious players quitting..

  6. Anonymous - Yes we are still playing. Precious? Hmm. Some old friends in RO still playing too... until now :)

  7. Anonymous7:38 AM


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    Thanx in advance

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Thank you for the comment.

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