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Monday, January 28, 2008

a4o's gathering

Editing this post. I made a sequence of this post with part 2 and part 3 with so many pictures. So, it made my whole blog heavy with pictures and slow loading. So, instead of using this method I guess I should give flickr a try.

First of all, let me say some words about this lovely gathering. It was a wonderful moment in 2008... which I won't forget forever. I had big headache at work and it was a great time to spend time with friends and give me a peace of mind. All4One a guild in Ragnarok combined from 3 big guilds Ancient Legacy, Wirawan and Enigma. We were enemy before in game then we merge and built a great guild called All4One or well known as A4O. We had many achievements including the latest one, 3rd place for 3 vs 3 PvP competition. Instead of we are good in game, we are great buddy in real life as well. We had a lot of gatherings and not to forget we are active in War. What else can be better than this with online game? Any other better one compared to Ragnarok? Nah! So, this time we went to Bukit Merah. Usually we had a smaller gathering and not going anywhere for vacation. But this time, it was different. Vacation and gathering. Even tho, I've been there for several times, but this time it was different. Lol, not to mention we talked almost everything about game. To those who know nothing about Ragnarok, it would be a great dull conversation. Thanks to organizer Azmie for collecting the money and took a great package for 4 activities which include orang utan island, eco park, sky cycle and water theme park! I enjoyed all the moment we spent together. So, here I share some pictures taken when we were there... Enjoy!

Some videos :


  1. I like the duckling & Lake pictures, nice shoot ^^

    I miss the trip, ruginya~~

    Dan, why u all didn't take a group picture??

  2. group pics will be uploaded soon... hehe friend's camera =)

  3. hoho... best2! admar nak kena sepak! kasik lebam kat sakura masa bumper car wuwu! haha.. whatever it is, this gath was fun!

  4. Intox2:45 AM

    admar, malek tak marah ker ko post surat beranak dier?? wahaha

  5. sakura... hahahaha nanti jumpa di Genting pula

  6. hahahahah siot intox... dia sporting... o.0

  7. LoL. jahat intox. er genting ka,blom tau lagi boleh join ke tidak. heh.. coz bulan 4 tu maybe sakura kena gi Uni for presentation thesis. hehe

  8. April ke? Bukan June ek?
    Hmm takpe.. nanti boleh plan kasi semua boleh pegi.. o.O


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