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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

depress : format pc

Ah! Tonite really depress... I tried to use crack for MP3 editor serial key but then my whole pc ruin with viruses and trojans!

Then Kaspersky went crazy and deleted all my system file, internet explorer and also notepad!

End up : formatting pc.


  1. The Man with Iron Mask;)8:39 PM

    Happy New Year
    Marvelous New layout and stylish combination of colors
    Real stylish with nice taste shows a lot of talent in many respect...
    wish this new look reflects positively and same way on your life style and future approaches
    sincerest wishes

  2. Something weird happen in here or just my internet is so slow. Lame connection...

    Ok I repeat what I've written here earlier...

    Thanks for the compliment. I used to be good in HTML coding but I have left it for so long and luckily my friend Ann helped me with the coding. It was like start an old car... very slow but still work.

    Happy new year to you too and hope you will achieve all your goals and dreams :)


Thank you for the comment.

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