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Thursday, January 10, 2008

malaysia's news

There was a male competition -- Mister International held in Kuching. I didn't know that we has held a grand male competition like this since there was no ads in newspaper or TV. Brazilian won the 1st place, 1st runner up was Korean and 2nd runner up was Greek.

Makcik Pc. Sounds funny and interesting. To those who does not speak Malay, makcik means auntie and also means old woman. It's small and handy.

University Science of Malaysia has banned the 'white coffin'. As we all know, styrofoam is unhealthy and can cause cancer. This is good for them and I hope Malaysia too ban this 'white coffin'.

I saw a pamphlet about new Pizza Hut offers. There was one offer which attracted my eyes -- Variety Box. 2 personal pan pizza, 2 chicken wings, 4 breadstix and crisscut fries. Not a big potion but variety =)

p/s: I have a news about a man killed his girlfriend and cook her meat and a nice picture of lovebirds smooching. Could not find it on The Star online =(

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