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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dinner with my study gang.

Yesterday was my last exam day. My last exam paper –- Civilization :) Mind you, it was my 8th paper. Some people might compare me with full time student, but you have to remember; I work too (ok, my gang would whack me because some of them took 10 and 11 papers! duh!).

So, Ina one of the girls in the group planned to eat dinner to celebrate our victory (haha wait until the result comes out!). She planned to eat at Pen Mutiara. I just agreed. I never say no to food, if you realize.

They were a bit late as Akmal stuck in the jam on the bridge. Friday, what do you expect? Around 8.30pm met them there. Too bad, when they called, the staff told them still got many tables for 10-person. But then, when we reached there, the restaurant was crowded! So, we sat at the smaller table which was not comfy.

As soon as we sat, I started to snap pictures with my DSLR. It has been a while I didn’t touch it and starting to play with it again, was pain in the ass. Haha!

IMG_1166 Miza, Kim and Ina were choosing the menu.

IMG_1168 Gadis Melayu Celcom – Syikin, was in the that TV program before.

IMG_1170 Still choosing.

IMG_1172 Diana and Kus. Kus is our ‘otai’ because she the brainy :)

IMG_1174 Akmal and me. I was trying to fix Miza’s camera.

IMG_1177 2nd pose. On their request haha.

IMG_1182 I called them 4 Dara Pingitan.

IMG_1183 Cit chatting but seriously, we also learned patience!

IMG_1186 When I asked Akmal, “Which one do you choose?” He replied, “Tut tut tut”. Er?

IMG_1188 Akmal called me ‘pokok’!

IMG_1197 To avoid hunger, we tried to focus on something else :P

IMG_1199 The fountain.

IMG_1201 Thirsty!

IMG_1203 Ina, was giving direction to Mak Buyong.

IMG_1205 Our first food. Dried fish Kailan.

IMG_1208 Followed by clam.

IMG_1209 Steamed fish.

IMG_1210 Mango salad.

IMG_1213 Deep fried squid.

IMG_1214 Bistik omelet.

IMG_1233 Fish head curry.

IMG_1234 Dried fish.

IMG_1235 3-flavored pomfret.

IMG_1239 Butter prawn.

IMG_1221 Everybody is waiting anxiously! Look at their eyes LOL. Oh! by the way, Mak Buyong aka Wani just came in.

IMG_1228 Nobody cares about my camera anymore LOL.

IMG_1230 Kim was the happiest when see the food :)

So, those pictures tell everything :)

It was a great dinner I’d say with a lot of chatting, a lot of jokes and it was a releasing stress moment. I love my group ♥. Many of other students envy of our hard work, determination and friendship.

We will be back to our routine, work, exercise and sleep again until the result comes in June and will continue our study in July. Can’t wait to see them again, and I hope we pass with flying color.

Take care peeps! :)


  1. wow..i love sotong goreng tepung:)

  2. keith - last night, it was very good :)

  3. sedap makanan tu...

  4. Which is your gf bro? :p

  5. Great choice of food

  6. You had quite a feast! :) Mango salad is nice.

  7. the most exciting part of any exam is the last day LOL

  8. oh by the way i have the same question with Tekkaus... who is your girl here?

  9. what a celebration you have there... seems that you're all having fun

  10. ijad - ya ijad. sangat sedap :)

  11. tekkaus - haha you guess?

  12. chris - i was so full! :)

  13. mei teng - yeah but a bit sour for my taste bud :P

  14. blue - haha. i'd agree with you :)

  15. blue - haha same reply, which one you guess?

  16. blue - haha i guess you just let your eyes drool at those pictures without reading the whole post :P it was a celebration after finish exam. hehe nothing much.

  17. Nice, food looks good!... you're doing MBA?

  18. terra - nope terra. just bachelor of management :)

  19. i miss my frenz in malaysia la..:) homesick gilerr

  20. wai - eh bukan dah nak balik ke? hehe.

  21. Wow! The food! yummy~! Havent had anything for breakfast and now it's 5pm :(

  22. TEI - man! you should not do that. do you that people who always skip breakfast has great risk to get stroke or heart disease?

  23. I have to tell you - I Hate Exams!! And once exam is over, I will surely celebrate whether I did well or not! Haha!

    Wow! So much food - making me hungry!

  24. foong - i prefer exam than go to work! i used to hate exam but not now. i can't wait to sit for exam again :)

    yeah, the foods were very delicious :)

  25. hey, seriously??
    "man! you should not do that. do you that people who always skip breakfast has great risk to get stroke or heart disease?"

    never knew this. buwhat if i wake up and it's already 3pm? ;)

  26. TEI - too bad cause you miss the morning pee which detoxify your body and also pass motion also for the same reason. breakfast is the most important meal among all :)

  27. haha. okay2. i'll bare that in mind :)


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