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Saturday, May 08, 2010

It hurts… so bad.


I’m sitting with my wife at the balcony of our house. I look at her, her innocent face. I know how much she loves me and I know how much she wants me to be happy. She will do everything to make me happy and try to suit herself in my group which I called friends.

“Dan, how are you?” asked Lisa.

I guess she was at her favorite spa, taming her beautiful body there. So, called me via her iPhone was just killing time.

“Hey, Lisa… I’m fine thanks. You alive?” I answered blunt and straight forward. Sarcastically, you’d say. But that’s the way you answer to those who only call you when they do not have friends around. I mean, their last resort?

She kept quiet for a minute. Then continue, “That’s sarcastic Dan, but that is so you. Anyhow, we have gathering tonight… you joining?”.

“What gathering?” I had no clue.

“Ah come on! Give me a break. The usual gathering!” she half screamed.

The scream awoke me a little and made me remember about it. I guess the scream worked this time. I giggled a little because I know she was a little annoyed.

“Oh, that one. I won’t be joining. I got things to do” I replied.

“Usual you. Arrogant brat. Ciao” not a good reply from her then I heard a cut off tone.

I continued driving until I reached home. I looked on my Blackberry and found a text message. I wondered why I didn’t realize. The door was opened for me, she, my wife was waiting for me with smile and ready for me to hug her. I gave her a hug… big one then walked in. I looked at the text message again. It was from Lisa.

Please do come tonight, bring your wife too since I knew her and I know you’ll be happier if she is around.

I smiled and replied:

Since you insist, count me in.

As usual, she replied with bitchy remark:

See you there, bitch!

I took off my clothes and talked to my wife.

“Honey, is it ok if we go for my usual gathering tonight?” I asked her.

“Do you want to go? If yes, ok… I’ll go with you” she answered me in sweet way with a sweet smile which could melt my heart easily.

“Thanks, honey. We better get ready or we’ll be late” I hug her from behind and we both walked to shower.

We reached there after 1 hour drive as the traffic was bad today. I wondered if there was any big event in town. But, we were still early. Thank God as I didn’t want Lisa nagging about late again and again. How I wish she could nag herself whenever she is late!

We went in, ordered the food and started to choose our songs. Monica, was so happy to see Lisa who she met few times before. She wanted to gossip and sing while enjoying the dinner.

Lisa was very late.

She came with David, someone we knew in gathering last year. I looked at her face, she was not in the mood. In my heart, I knew it wasn’t a good choice to join the gathering tonight. I hate this. Someone, will have to accept her blow. Finger crossed, I hope it was not me, neither Monica.

Then, came Jerry and Britney.

“Hey! Are you alright???” Lisa asked my wife.

“Yes” she replied while ordering her dinner because the waiter was waiting for her order as she was ready with her choice.

“Why you always show me this kind of face? Hate to see that!” she suddenly yell at my wife.

I was half shock and almost mad. My blood boiled like a volcano was about to explode. My wife held my hand and gave her a smile, still.

She walked to the toilet. I followed. I knew how she feels.

“Honey, are you ok?” I asked her.

“Yes, I’m fine” she started to cry.

“That girl is insane! She can’t expect people to always please her in her way and shouting like that!” I was mad.

“Darling, let her be. Even though I do not know why she did that to me, and it embarrass me, I already forgive her” she replied in tears.

“We can go home now if you want honey” I asked her.

“No, we will go for coffee after this as usual too. She is your friend, and forever friend” she replied.

Sigh. Forever friend who could explode like that whenever and to whoever she wants? I doubt. I knew Lisa before I married to my wife. But still she has to respect my wife as she respects me. If there’s a problem, then I guess, I should quit this gathering thingy and stay home. Be a good husband, instead of hurting my lovely wife like this.

The night went on… with coffee. My wife kept telling me to hide my anger and pretend that there was nothing happen. I did. Hardly.

“Darling, you alright?” my wife ask me.

“Oh… oh yes honey” I smile as I know I have been thinking about it again without realize I am still sitting with my wife at the balcony of our house, sipping our hot coffee while reading newspaper.

I know she is still hurt from that weird incident, being scolded with no reason. She is ok to join them again, but I guess for the time being, I better stay away until I, me, myself feel better. Or is that mean after Lisa knows how to behave like an adult?

Lisa never talk to my wife since then, or even say sorry on her misbehave.


  1. wow so long... okay let me start reading it

  2. is this a true story of yours?

  3. it's like seeing typical life of a couple... a sweet one.. it is only a sign that the wife knew his husband so well so as his hubby to his wife

  4. well with lisa....knowing the fact that she didn't say sorry for what she did... is a sign of disrespect

  5. have a great day and happy blogging Faisal

  6. All things shall be good this mother day ,, say hi to Lisa for me will ya

  7. blue - long? hehe i hate when waking up in the middle of the night. too much ideas! :)

  8. blue - hehe fiction :)

  9. blue - correct! :) a couple/spouse should love each other so much and only death can separate them :)

  10. blue - yes, for me... Lisa should say sorry no matter what. even though it won't promise that the wound would heal.

  11. blue - thanks blue :) you too!

  12. eugene - my sisters are going to cook today for my mom :) we are going to celebrate at my sister's house tonight :) yippie!

    Lisa is a fiction character bro :)

  13. Interesting story, u wrote this? Good narrative skills.

  14. pity Lisa...I think she must had her worst PMS that day :)

  15. chris - yes, i wrote this :) thank you Chris.

  16. drsam - haha yes, but i think it's not fair for others to be her punching bag right? :)

  17. bnyk looses ends.. hehehe.. apsal lisa kejam sgt tu.. gathering apa lak tuh? napa kena commit..

  18. just finished reading it...i think u can actually write a series for such story...something like a short novel so the readers can always least for me i would like to see how the story would continue...

  19. jard - hehe gathering suka suki je kot. entah, idea merepek pagi-pagi buta :) napa kena commit?

  20. sheng loong - this is just mind-crunching for me :) it has been so long since i write like this. maybe i will write a series again like Kath, I love you. have you read that one? :)

  21. Agreed. And I believe that husband and wife should always be together no matter what. :)

  22. tekkaus - you got the point tekkaus :)

  23. LISA mesti minat kat ko tu yang dia marah bini ko tak pasal pasal..sapa suruh ko ta kawen jer ngan Lisa..kan dah susah..

  24. axim - eh, ade ke plak aku :P ni fiction le


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