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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food charity fair


The coupon that we bought earlier.


IMG_1637 I bought this rice… very delicious.

IMG_1639 Look yummy right?

IMG_1640It was very crowded.

IMG_1641  The stage. I didn’t know what was the purpose.

IMG_1642 Laksa stall.

IMG_1643 Spring roll.

IMG_1646 This is beautiful :)

IMG_1648 IMG_1649 I bought this too, Murtabak.


IMG_1651 Char Koay Kak

IMG_1652 Muar Chee

IMG_1653 Another laksa stall.

IMG_1656 Pao and Glutinous rice.

We went there on May 15. There were a lot of foods to choose and the place was very crowded. Good thing was this event unite all races together. I seldom see food fair with all races together, this was my first time. 1 Malaysia we are :)

I’ve been to Tzu Chi veggie food charity fair before.

Have you been to any food charity fair?


  1. oh that is so nice faisal... We hae such event her in Phil too... helping other people and seeing them smile is such a wonderful feeling isnt?

  2. waaah a lot of typing error haha


  3. the food looks good hh.. yikes especially the rice.. it's been awhile since i last ate rice

  4. have a great day and happy blogging Faisal

  5. kanesh12:25 PM

    in penang all the food there will be delicious , unfortunately in kl when they say charity ,the quality a.k.a. taste is not that good , but anyhow , nice pics!

  6. It's a charity food event held by a Buddist association right? I wonder how come there's banner stating gospel ministry?

  7. I want to eat Murtabak too bro. :p

  8. personally i dont believe doing charity through food fair provided all the hawkers are willing to give all their day's earning to their charity,without minusing their cost...hahahah.

    i always feel no shiok cos on the food charity, the prices are higher than normal, what's the logic,,hahahahahaha.

  9. blue - yes, it's a wonderful feeling helping them this way.

  10. blue - 3 reasons why a human can write properly. 1) sleepy 2) stress 3) horny

    so, which one?

  11. blue - i thought i Philippines you guys eat rice?

  12. blue - you too blue :) great days ahead!

  13. kanesh - so, i'll let you know next time we have food charity fair again ya? :)

  14. mei teng - kinda confusing. furthermore, i got the coupons from a friend of mine. so, as long as i hear the word charity, i'll surely join :)

  15. tekkaus - you like it? :)

  16. eugene - the logic is, if we buy at other places... the price is slightly cheaper but we only got full stomach. food charity, we got 2 things... full stomach and donation :P

  17. kanesh9:23 PM

    lol , thanks , i really like the kuih in penang , really good , and I really like ur food posts , they are the best to see when hungry ....if I do work in penang in the future , sure will ask ur help to let me know good food places

  18. kanesh - haha i will make sure you get fat when you work here! :)

  19. hahaha "all of the above" LOL

    yeah we eat rice here but not me.. I'm in a "no Rice policy" haha Rice is not so good for diet...

  20. haaiiii banyaknya makanan.... bila la nak sampai penang ni.

  21. blue - omg! you're on diet???

  22. mango - hehe flight kan dah murah? dengan air asia semua orang boleh melancong. wah! promote haha

  23. ramai nya orang zal..done ke pilih makanan ni?

  24. mummysyafie - saya memang kurang suka tempat crowded. hehe tapi ni sambil beramal :)


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