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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tailing & Panning

Last week, I went out with my colleagues for photography. It was the 2nd time we went out together. The 1st time was at the Floral Festival and Botanical Garden.

Our theme for that night was Tailing & Paining.

The result wasn’t good but it was a good try.

IMG_1538 Tailing

IMG_1552 Guess where am I?

IMG_1546 Yay! My 1st attempt on lamp, to make it looks like stars

IMG_1549 So peaceful, at night

IMG_1553 Because my free tripod was too short, my friend Firdaus lend me his tripod. Thanks!

IMG_1556 Mr Firdaus

IMG_1561 Hardworking

IMG_1577 1st attempt. Panning in the dark.

IMG_1578 Haha!

IMG_1590 IMG_1604 Try & error


Can’t wait for the next one :)


  1. that camera is surely expensive...

  2. great shots.. you still awake Faisal?? haha you're a night owl too!

  3. blue - wow! you are always fast haha. thank you!

  4. blue - the camera is not so expensive. hehe. i'm using Canon 500D only.

  5. blue - thank you blue :) haha kinda an owl sometimes... sometimes eh? haha

  6. wah hebatnya. bila la nak beli kamera ni.

  7. cahaya - eh mana yg you snap dulu tu? pakai slr...

  8. You should try panning in the daylight. Or where there's sufficient lighting at night. Not too dark coz then you won't be able to see the effects. I do panning shots in the daylight. Never attempted panning in the night hours. Long exposures in the night is fun. You should try that since you already have a tripod.

  9. mei teng - my 'free' tripod sucks. too short and small. better they don't give any!

    i need to buy a better one. sigh. everything is about money when you involve with expensive hobby :)

    going to buy 50mm prime i guess since i like taking foodies too!

    i'll try panning again in daytime :)

  10. I want this camera to toy around too. :D

  11. tekkaus - dslr is worth of money hehe


Thank you for the comment.

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