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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day

How do you celebrate your Mother’s Day? :)

To those who their mother already passed away, I’m very sorry. Don’t get sad but be happy by remembering good and sweet memories when she was alive. Keep praying for her, there.

To those who their mother still alive doesn’t matter she is sick or healthy, please do appreciate her. Celebrate Mother’s Day with her. You can do many things with her, like eating outside, vacation, cook her favorite food and the list goes on.

Some people might say that we should love our mother everyday. Not, only on Mother’s Day. Yes, I’d agree with that. But do you really do that? I mean, tell your mother that you love her? Ok, I can hear you. Action speaks louder than words. So, what is it that is so loud for you? Most people that saying “show your love towards your mother everyday” or “show your love by action” never do it. Sadly, some of them totally neglect their mother.

So, shut up and just make your mother happy on Mother’s Day. Furthermore, there is no harm at all. You don’t need reason to make her happy.

Since last night, my sisters kept texting me about Mother’s Day on Sunday. We work on Monday, so we planned to make it on late Saturday night.

After the whole day me and the youngest one had to act, brilliantly. It worked! Nurul and Dayah cooked everything.

Dayah and Balap came home to fetch mum. She told mum that they want to take her out for supper. At first mum didn’t want to go out for 2 reasons: raining and I’m at home alone. Then I told mum that I’m going out soon with Keith. At the same time, I called dad to get ready. Then, mum went out with them. She was a bit mad because they took her to Nurul’s house. She didn’t want to disturb Nurul because it was already late. They insisted her. Dad, Keith and I followed them from the back. Quite far. When mum reached there she was a bit shock to see some foods there. Then, dad, Balap, Keith and I enter the house with cake and drinks. Mum was so happy, also Nurul’s mother in law. We celebrated 3 mums and 1 mum-to-be :)

I managed to snap some pictures, enjoy!




  1. lucky u to be able to celebrate with your mom :)

    it's a bit confusing of the date as here, the date is different
    i think it was in.. march? i can't remember the exact date but it was months before haha

    i did sent a mothers day card to my mom in malaysia

  2. adila - yes, i'd agree. i'm lucky :)

    i have referred to wikipedia and mother's day celebration based on country. which means, it won't be celebrated on the same date for the whole world :)

    hey, share the picture of the card will you? :)

  3. Happy mother's day to your mum,
    bestnyer dpt celebrtae beramai-ramai kan,
    i nie susah sbb x der adk-beradik,
    huk huk huk....

    tapi x per,
    nanti 15hb kita celebrate beramai-ramai ok....
    buat 2 dalam 1
    (mother's day & birthday mama)

    keith sgt cekci tau:)

  4. keith8:22 AM

    I'm happy to be invited to the party which was held at almost 1am in the morning...huhuhu..
    Even though it was pretty simply but it surprised the mums and they were very happy :)
    Happy Mother's Day!!

    Ko tak nampak lagi, faisal lagi cekci..hahahaha..

  5. wow what a celebration,... alot of foods too...and the cake oh so yummy..

  6. nice to see that ... and how sweet of you to give such celebration to your mom...

  7. happy mother's day to your mom and to all moms in the world!

  8. wah..best2...dpt celeberate..y kol jer...x pe yg penting kita doakan kesejahteraan our mum..have a nice wiken faisal

  9. wanie - hehe ok2. lagi 6 hari je lagi kan :)

    happy mother's day to mama!

  10. keith - hehe very late i know. that was why i kept teasing nurul :P

    yes, all mums were so happy.

    me sexy? i wear pyjamas!

  11. blue - hehe yes blue. i didn't know how much i ate and i knew they have a lot of calories!

  12. blue - yes. we always want to mum happy with a lot of smiles and laughter :)

  13. blue - blue thank you. happy mother's day to your mum too :)

  14. wahidah - wai jauh :) ingatan pun dah mengcukupi. mak happy tak bila wai call?

  15. keith,
    ye ker si faisal seksi,
    x der pun gambar dier,
    huk huk huk...

    a'ah yang,
    tinggal 6 hari saja lagi,
    x sabar rasanya,
    rindu ok kat korang,
    huk huk huk

  16. wanie - haha cameraman mana boleh ada gambar bah. nanti pergi Oasis ada dua camera, baru boleh masuk gambar i pula kot :)

  17. Had dinner with my family on Friday :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  18. mei teng - i guess nowadays, meals can please everyone :) instead of buying present, meals can provide you a good conversation as well :)

    happy mother's day!

  19. I call mom almost every day, and will see her tomorrow :-)

    Great photos!

  20. speedcat - oh that's great! :) we can only see her as long as she still alive. so, we have to use the chance :)

    thank you pal.

  21. bestnya buleh ada kerjasama antara adik badik... mcm my pemeli plak mesti ada sorang yg kongker mak, making the others nampak cam xconcern lak sbb takleh lawan dia punya layanan terbaik, tp nak wat camna lg kan, terima ja lah.

    tu nurul ka. serious mmg lama xpasan gambaq dia dlm blog faisal. dia pun da tambah diameter cam fazliah gak hehehe..

  22. tupai - yep, lagi pun kami 3 beradik ja. senang nak mesyuarat hehe. kena pula si abang sangat baik dan bertolak ansur (ehem).

    yep, nurul dah gemuk! haha.

  23. owh mcm tue yer,
    susah2 dua2 ada dlm kamera i,
    tapi tuelah,
    kamera i buruk saja,
    huk huk huk
    (x mampu nak beli)

    tapi ingat,
    warna hitam + perfurm JEAN tue ok yg u kena pakai,
    ingat tue!!!!

  24. wanie - perfume jean?

  25. me? tak pernah sambut hari ibu sbb takde ibu dr kecik


    hapy mother's day to ur mom;)

  26. jane - sorry to hear that :(

  27. main suap2 lak...


    terharu saye tgk entri nie

  28. meo - hehe suap2 bukan pengantin je ye :)

  29. eh,
    perfurm apa yer,
    i lupa sudah,
    maklumlah byk benda yg i kena ingat,


  30. Happy Mother's Day to your mama bro. :)

  31. happy mothers day to ur mum!!

    pakai pyjamas tak sesksi..pakai thong baru seksi..hehe

    *lucky u boleh celebrate with ur family..aku tak balik kampung masa ni..kalau tak mesti best:)

  32. wanie - perfume ralph lauren romance :P

  33. tekkaus - hehe i will let her know. thanks bro :)

  34. axim - haha banyak la ko thong :P baik naked :P

  35. ha,
    ralph lauren,
    lupa plak i,

    so make sure ok mlm tue,
    kena pakai tau,

  36. best nya sebab boleh sambut ngan mak..akak lak just calling² dr jauh je,takde rezeki nak peluk mak on mothers day ni..sob..sob

  37. wanie - romance habis. i pakai je yang mana ada haha.

  38. mummysyafie - ala akak... yang penting ingatan tu :) wawan dgn abang ucap tak? :P


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