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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recolor May 13


When you see this title, what is in your mind?

Yes. For Malaysian, it is a tragic date. Still remember May 13, 1969?

I don’t intend to remind you about that history, also not my intention to ask whose fault or why it happened. What had happen, had happen. We don’t want it to happen again.

Today, I got an email from Anas Zubedy. I guess many of you already knew him. A famous blogger who writes and makes campaign for Malaysian’s unity.

Here is the email:

Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

I would like to re-color May 13th, to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative thoughts and replace them with positive meanings and values. We are placing a full page advertisement in The Star this May 13th , with a call to re-color the day.

When reflecting on May 13th 1969, we can blame others for what happened, blame the situation, or we can choose to transform things for the better, to be change agents and constructively fill our hearts and minds with what needs to be done so May 13th does not ever happen again, and that no one uses the day to bring about fear and negativity.

What thoughts can we cultivate to make a difference to how May 13th is viewed? What actions can we take to shine a light on this day so it will forever be a day we learn from mistakes, a day we strengthen unity in our diversity and recommit to respecting one another and working together?

At zubedy we believe in re-coloring May 13th with all our brilliant hues, the many diverse peoples that we are, under this one great nation called Malaysia. We believe it is a day to reaffirm our shared values and traditions and rejoice in what unites us. A day for young and old to constructively talk about what makes us one people and how we can remain strong together.

This May 13th we are launching two books available at MPH, Borders, Kinokuniya and newsstands to commemorate the day.

  1. A Plea for Empathy, A Quest for Malaysian Unity by Chandra Muzaffar, is a collection of twenty-three articles on Malaysian national unity that appeared in newspapers, magazines and academic journals between 1974 and 2008.  Dr. Chandra looks at language, culture, religion, the economy, politics, human rights, education, ethnic accommodation, ethnic conflict and trends in ethnic relations over the decades. The writing embodies the essence of his thoughts on the causes of disunity and the solutions that are possible. ( Retail price at RM 39.20 WM)

  1. The Quran and I by Anas Zubedy is a collection of reflections and childhood memoirs featuring among others, inter-faith and inter-racial friendships and depictions of how the multi-cultural Malaysian setting is fertile ground for personal growth. The book highlights universal values found in the Quran through daily life experiences and serves as a simple introduction to the Quran. (Retail price RM 36.40 WM)

Please join us and make May 13th a day of Unity. Find ways to understand each other better, bring to light our Unity in diversity and share your stories with children and young people. Organize gatherings and discussions, Unity parties and kenduris.  Or simply take a moment and reflect on where we are today and give thanks; we have much to be grateful for.

Peace and Let us add value,

anas zubedy

So, what are you waiting for? :) Let’s show our support by buying these books and share our opinion through blogging.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    he is handsome la

  2. Yeah! I love the picture bro. :D

  3. tekkaus - which one? :)

  4. malaysian unity??? i likee...bersatu teguh bercerai berai..hahaha..:)

  5. Anonymous8:50 AM

    For most Malaysians today, that day is just like any other day.

  6. =) 1malaysia...
    pls jangan repeat kesah dulu...
    jadikan la pengajaran

  7. Why cant we be brothers, we have only one thing in common,, we are all Malaysian...

    we must stop our infighting, by the we finish fighting amongst one another, there is nothing left for us to fight anymore, because the world has been taken over by others...

    I love to be a Malaysian

  8. wahidah - bercerai-berai? haha

  9. mei teng - i'd agree with that :)

  10. hazarimi - betul :)ambil iktibar.

  11. eugene - well said bro :)

  12. not so familiar with Malaysian culture but this is sure very interesting...
    Quran is the muslim version of bible right?

  13. blue - yes, correct about quran. you can check in wikipedia about may 13 detail. not a good memory but we can make a change to history :)

  14. funny that when DAP took over Penang, you warned me about possible repeat of May 13th. Now you change tune already? lol

  15. joseph - i warned you about May 13? in which dream.

    change tune? what tune? you funny uncle :)

  16. good entry. love the message.

    mahu cari The Quran and I :)

  17. belle - going to buy them too :)

  18. Anonymous11:02 PM

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