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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cik Wanie Mama’s Birthday

15/5/2010 – Saturday.
I waited at home for Azim’s sms because I’ll only drive out when he’s almost reach home. So, around 5pm he sms, telling me that he was at the Sg Dua toll. Drove out with Keith to fetch him. Bridge was a bit busy.
As soon as I reached there, he walked into my car. Luckily, he was ready. He gave me 2 packs of chocolates! Thanks Azim :)
On the way to Alor Star, we talked a lot. About so many things, from work to personal life. Kept us awake and made the journey very interesting. A lot of laugh, too. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to snap some pictures of the sunset especially near the paddy field! Praise to Mighty God.
We reached there around 7.45pm. When I called Cik Wanie, she didn’t believe me at first until she saw us. Went into the house and ate some beef puff cooked by mama together with ice tea. Yums!
There, on the table was also cupcakes! They looked cute and yummy.
IMG_1684 Beef puff
IMG_1686 Teh O ais
IMG_1687 The cupcakes!
IMG_1690Azim & Keith 
IMG_1692 Mama & Wanie
IMG_1693 Wanie & Azim
We drove out to their boutique around 9pm. Looked around the boutique and cit chatting for a while. It was lovely. I do hope they will get more business! Amin.
9.45pm we drove to Oasis. Yep, I know it’s late for a dinner. No wonder we’re fat haha.
IMG_1695 The Oasis
As soon as we reached there, we started to snap pictures and cit chatting. Not a good view if you compare with Old Village :) but… still, the place was cooling.
IMG_1700 Ketam Nipah – the one people always misunderstood with Ketam Batu
IMG_1703 Apertizer?
IMG_1704 Busy snapping…
IMG_1705 So hungry…
IMG_1707 Wanie was finishing the nuts.
These were what we order:
IMG_1710 Ambra/kedondong with asam boi
IMG_1712 Deep fried squid
IMG_1717 Shark fin soup
IMG_1718 Buttered prawns
IMG_1719 Lemon chicken
IMG_1720 Mango salad
IMG_1721 Steamed fish (Siakap)
IMG_1722 Tomyam
After finish dinner, we brought out the cupcakes.
IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1734 IMG_1736 IMG_1738 IMG_1741IMG_1742 IMG_1743IMG_1744 IMG_1749
After finished dinner, we went to karaoke! Yay!
IMG_1750IMG_1751 IMG_1752IMG_1753
This karaoke was more like a pub instead of karaoke centre. We could hear song or people singing outside the room. But, we still enjoy the sing :)
We drove home pretty late of course and reached home around 5.30am! Imagine that :)
Hope can join more gathering in the future!


  1. i'm hungry :|
    the karipap is sgt menggoda
    then scroll more...

    i should hv dinner now xD xD

  2. Anonymous1:09 AM

    not sure wadehek happen, i can't input my name lol

    it's adila btw xD

  3. keith1:10 AM

    It was a great b'day dinner. I enjoyed the food as well as the karaoke session:). Oh ya, mama's curry puff is yummy!! Thanks Mama and Wanie for everything :)

  4. Wow the cupcakes!

    Lol the next song perpisahan, siape jiwang nih... hahaha.

  5. anonymous - haha dinner time? well, the beef karipap was very delicious :)

  6. anonymous - omg dila! what happen haha

  7. keith - yep, keith. it was great! even though it was tiring, we had a great fun. hope we can do stuff like this again! :)

  8. chris - yep! the taste is as good as the look :)

    i can't remember who sang that song, but it wasn't me haha since i was the photographer :)

  9. nice place,nice accompany..nice food..what more can i say??thanks wanie and her mama,also thanks to u and Keith for a ride!until we meet again Guys!!


  10. axim - agree! when is the next one eh?

  11. She looks so happy. ;D

  12. wah panjang nyer entri,
    i je yg x buat2 lagik,
    x der mood...

    tq 2 u,keith n azim sbb sudi memeriahkan mlm i ngn mama,
    really appricate it,
    sgt2 happy ok....
    kita berbual,ketawa bersama,
    mmg akn menjadi kenangan yg paling terindah,

    yg nyanyi lagu perpisahan tue adalah i,
    pastu disambung oleh azim:)

    lps nie,
    kami akn ke penang plak,
    so hope blh gather2 lagik,
    kasi gegaQ itu penang;)

    luv n miss u all :)

  13. Ooh! The beef puff! I want!! : )

    Oh so that is Keith - I remember you mentioned about him in previous posts.

    Wah! Karaoke? Eh, got Neway and Redbox in Penang right?

    Next time u come to KL, let's go karaoke yes? : )

  14. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Great looking cupcakes! You don't have to get one whole cake. Those cupcakes are just as great for birthday celebrations.

  15. Happy belated birthday Mama Cik Wanie! I read on you guys Facebook already. Hehe

    Eh Mama Cik Wanie tak join karaoke session ka? Hehe

  16. Anonymous2:55 PM

    ahmegadddd!! i sumpah love this entry for the pictures of MAKANAN!!!!!!!

    anyway, There's a SEVEN WORDS challenge up my blog! Come play~!

  17. tekkaus - yes, she was very happy. just hope that she'll like the present from me and keith! :)

    p/s: luckily she didn't cry. it'll surely kill my macho!

  18. wanie - no problem. it was really a great fun :) seronok sangat. dah lama tak happy ramai-ramai macam ni. tak bosan langsung!

    yep, next gath, bbq. i confirm nak buat mayonnaise potato :) sodap!

  19. foong - yep, that's keith :)

    yeah, we got redbox and neway :) never been to neway but redbox is cool. have you heard of oriental? food is cool and spacious :)

    i don't know when i'll be in kl. perhaps when i travel to bali i will stay 1 or 2 days in kl. karaoke? sure! :)

  20. mei teng - hehe would agree with you mei teng :) they taste good too!

  21. bcd - dah tua katanya. so i nyanyikan lagu bersabarlah sayang from sanisah huri buat mama :)

  22. nani - haha!

    oh, ok... will give myself a try! :)

  23. tuelah,
    i dah bgtau azim td pasal plan bbq tue,
    dia x reply lagi pun,
    nanti u bincanglah ngn dia n keith ok,
    kita buat bbq,
    comfirm lagi meletopssss kan,

    mama pun setuju kalau buat bbq kat sana,
    blh masak n makan sesama:)

  24. wanie - yep... jgn ujan dah! haha

  25. faisal,
    kalau ujan,
    mkn dlm ketelah jawabnya kan...

    x sabar nak spend masa ngn korang lagik nie:)

  26. oh belated happy birthday to your mom faisal...

  27. sorry for my late visit my friend

  28. anyway i love all the dishes here especially the first one.. oh and the cup cakes too!

  29. have a great day and oh wanna try the karoke too...
    happy blogging

  30. wanie - bukan dengan azim?

  31. blue - haha it's not my mum :P it's someone who i should called auntie instead of mama but she treats us like her own kid. that's why we called her mama :)

  32. blue - next time, you come to penang... i'll surely take you to karaoke :)

  33. faisal,

    eh eh u nie,
    sekali lah semua,
    u,azim & keith,

    saja kan,

    i suka ayat nie,
    "haha it's not my mum :P it's someone who i should called auntie instead of mama but she treats us like her own kid. that's why we called her mama :)"
    yes dia mmg treat u,azim & keith mcm anak2 dia,
    n + dia syg kan korang mcm anak2 dia,
    maklumlah dia x der anak lelaki kan,

  34. yes, ketam nipah looks almost similar to ketam nipah and I have been fooled as well all this time. (I saw your photo of taking that ketam photos in Azim's blog :).

    Happy belated birthday to wanie's lovely mom!

  35. wanie - i anak bongsu.

  36. drsam - are you a ketam fan too? hehe. i knew about this when i went for fishing with dad. he told me about the difference between ketam nipah and ketam batu :)

  37. tetiba u jadi anak bongsu kan,
    bukan ke si azim anak bongsu kan,
    jgn nak berangan ok:P:P:P

  38. wanie - dia takmo jadi anak bongsu

  39. mana u tau yg dia x mau jadi yg bongsu,
    u tarik2 rambut dgn dia kowt sbb u nak yg bongsu kan,

  40. bleh sya tau kt mana lokasi RESTORAN MAKANAN LAUT OASIS ni... email sya ...

    terima kasih


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