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Sunday, November 04, 2007

disenggagement & big game

Woke up around 7am and checked email. Ate breakfast and ready to travel. Around 10am we were ready to move. There are 4 cars (1st car Mak Chak, Pak Chak and Kak Su, 2nd car Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah and Ayen, 3rd car Abang Izan, Kak Ilah, Aifal dan Arisya, 4th car mom, dad and me). We went to Sungai Siput, Perak for Kak Su’s disengagement. We finished roughly around 2pm. Then went to Ipoh and ate mee rebus there. It was just ok nothing special. We planned to go to Taiping Zoo but cancelled due to heavy rain. Plus, I have big game to watch tonight. We stopped at Sungai Perak for coffee [refer the picture below]. Drove back, rain still pour heavily. We stopped again at Semanggul for dinner and toilet. Right after that, we drove straight to Penang. I need to be at Perda (since no time to go home and come back) around 8.45pm. Reached there around 9pm. Lucky there was no goal yet. It was rain there, but not as heavy as in Perak. The fan for both were hunger for goal (Arsenal vs Man Utd), same went with my colleague. The goal started with Rooney netted the 1st goal for Man Utd at 45 minutes. The scream was impossible I’d say. 2nd half Fabregas scored for Arsenal. I just kept blaming Wes Brown for not marking Fabregas since that fella was soloing ran from the middle until in front of the goal and Brown did nothing but watch him like watching a movie until he netted the ball. Great pass by Evra gave Ronaldo big opportunity to score and it was 2-1, I was so happy… can you imagine it was an away game for us and we lead? Ah! Come on… I must be dreaming :) At injury time 90+ minutes Gallas scored. It was clumsy in front of Man Utd’s goal post and hardly sees the goal. Ah! It was just about bet and bookie but I enjoyed the game even though I was wet in the rain :)

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