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Saturday, December 01, 2007

annual dinner

One good thing about joining choir for IRB [Inland Revenue Board] is we always get the advantage like committe. Hehe. So, yesterday the choir group could go home earlier. We had long lunch break for Friday prayer and we could go home about 12.15pm.
Bought lunch and went home. As soon as I reached home, ate lunch and slept.
Woke up at 5pm and got ready slowly. Yeah, still a lot of time. Reached there around 7.15pm. The dinner started with special dance called Ulek Mayang by temporary staff. Our choir was just after that. I could say it was so so.
Food was ok [nothing great though]. I wasn't lucky last night since I don't win any lucky prize haha!
Enjoy the pictures and video ;)


  1. The Mask7:23 PM

    no video buddy:(
    wont you make an introduction for whose who in those pics?
    it doesn't seem to you enjoyed that evening - all those in the pics didnt look cheerful, neither you ....
    have a nice relaxing week-end

  2. i will upload the video and add more pictures next week.
    those taken via my cell phone camera were not good ones.
    i will update soon and currently i have problem with video uploader :(

  3. The Mask12:34 AM

    Buy the way i have problem uploading on hotmail do you know why? doeas it have to do with any software uploader??!!

  4. er, hotmail?
    this is blog and hotmail is another thing.
    or do you mean it another way?
    kinda confuse


Thank you for the comment.

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