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Saturday, November 24, 2007

look down at me?

This morning a friend who I adore so much about how he became rich in properties trading upset me. All in sudden he said nasty words to me. Yes, I just know him from internet and I like somone who has interest talking about business.

Few things he said :
  1. He isn't a teacher to teach me how [which he always said he will guide me]
  2. The amount that I spent was peanut to him [which really insulting]

I'm going to prove that he is wrong. Look down to people never make you the best person and you'll be the sad one. I hope one day if it happen that I become rich, I won't be arrogant like him and keep myself low. So, today I have deleted him from the yahoo list :)


  1. The Mask7:27 PM

    such creature don't deserve to be mentioned about - just neglect such trashy characters.

  2. thanks mate for your support.
    i do appreciate :)

  3. The Mask12:45 AM

    Dont mention it - Thats the least what friends are for ...!

  4. hmm...ko patut berterima kasih pd kwn ko ni...sbb bg ko perangsang utk ko lebih maju lg... sebenarnya...ko yg kne tlg diri ko sendiri....anyway aku pun ader pengalaman mcm ko ni dulu2.... bukan sorang tp 3,4 org...

  5. the mask - True friend :)

    alphaville - Betul aku setuju. Tapi masa tu memang aku sedih sangat. Aku banyak baca buku tentang properties tapi aku lack of experience. Jadi aku cuma perlukan teman untuk berbincang tentang properties. Tapi takpe, perkara dah berlalu :)


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