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Thursday, November 08, 2007

we defeated dynamo kylv

Yes, another victory to Man Utd. We defeated Dynamo Kylv with 4-0. Congrats to Rooney, Teves, Ronaldo and Pique.

Sorry to Arsenal for just a draw game early this morning. It was 0-0 with Slavia :)


  1. you have been tagged!

    do check out my blog.

  2. hehe.. will explain it here..

    i dunno how to describe actually.

    it's kind of survey thingy, where this 'B' person was tagged by 'A'. and 'B' will do the tag thingy and forward to other ppl.

    was it ok..? hmm..

  3. sorry, but still i have no idea. hehe.

    so is that mean i've to tag someone else?

    and how it works? it's confusing


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