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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pigeon : ep 1

Few days ago, 2 pigeons were at the back of my car. They were injured. I have no idea if there fell down from the roof but Multi was with them, so I guess she hurt them. I didn't scold Multi as this is animal nature, but was quite sad. I put both of them at the corner side and took in Multi [I was late for work actually, so no much time to take care of them].
Return from home, rain poured heavily. One of them died; as it was the one injured badly. Another one was at the garage, found shelter I suppose. We took it and put in a cage with rice and some water. Hadi and dad put some medicine too on its' leg. The right leg bleed and I guess it was broken.

Until today the pigeon still in the cage and no good improvement :(

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