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Saturday, November 24, 2007

counter strike

We usually play counter strike during lunch-break. It helps release stress and at the same time we have fun.

So, my friend decided to make a tournament. The fee was RM13 for cup and dinner. After we did overtime until 7pm, we ate dinner [Mc Donalds that we ordered earlier] and started to pick up pieces of paper randomly to divide into two groups -- terrorist and counter-terrorist.

Terrorist – Me, Takdir, Azali, Khairul and Mohsein
Counter-terrorist – Firdaus, Khushairi, Amin, Zakaria and Feiros.

The result : We managed to defeat them badly! Haha.

Enjoy the pics ;)


  1. hehe good job :D

  2. Haha Reza, it was just inter-office tournament. Not as glam as yours :P


Thank you for the comment.

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