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Monday, October 29, 2007

ear pain : ep 1

I went to work. Around 8.45am I went to clinic nearby called Allan & Gunstensen. My ear was getting on my nerve. It didn’t hurt but keep beeping as fast as the heartbeat for almost a week. It made me couldn’t sleep last night. I went to see Doctor Sukumaran. He was a very good doctor. I told him about my 4 problems. My right ear, my skin disease (it was insect bite but last for months!), my shaking hands (I had refer to 2 other clinics before but they told me it was nothing serious) and my headache that happen all in sudden. He told me that the ear was just fine, the wax on the right ear is way too much compare to the left one -- it blocks and that's why I got that beeping sound. So he gave me medicine, I need to drop into my right ear about 4 drops twice a day and I’ve to see him again on Thursday for further checking. The shaking hand was about tremor. He said nothing to worry about since many people has this problem. He gave me pills to take half each time twice a day. About my insect bite, doctor said it was actually eczema -- kind of skin disease. I was speechless. Last was about the headache, he told me that it was just dizziness. He gave me panadol for that. Perhaps, he was right since I couldn’t sleep caused by the ear beeping non-stop.

The great news was about my niece. Doctor has confirmed that no problem with her platelet anymore, it was just virus and she is just fine now :)

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