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Saturday, October 20, 2007

night life

Went out with colleague last night around 12. Met them at Frenz (somewhere in Crystal Point) -- it was a rock café. There I got the Unity Band which I was searching around for months. It wasn’t enough and we continued the excitement at Homes (I can’t give you the road names as I'm not good at it :P), in town. It was a dangdut club, didn’t really suit my taste but the fun with friends counted. After the fun, we went to Kassim Mustafa for breakfast I suppose :P I ate maggie goreng. Reached home at 4am. Hangover…

Takdir and Firdaus at Frenz, Crystal Point

This is really funny :D They put it in the toilet

The Unity Band!! Yay~


  1. omg! i want that band..! pls pls..!! lolx

  2. Give me your email and I'll send the info :)


Thank you for the comment.

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