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Friday, October 12, 2007

flu & bouncer

I got another strike of flu last night. It was the worst. There was no cough but the cold was terrible. Urgh!

Bob was still here. I bet he didn't feel like going back, just the matter of "have to".

Daddy bought some fresh crabs. It was so delicious, hardly describe in words though. Yummy! Even though the flu killed my taste of food (it really killed my appetite seriously) I still could taste the sweetness in the crab :P

Right after dinner, I took Bob to the airport. As soon as I reached home, have a little conversation with mom and I felt asleep.

Andy is going back today and last night was the last night for him. We didn’t manage to meet as I'm still got flu and he shouldn’t be infected as he needs to fly to other country as well. Not to have vacation in sickness.

I still couldn’t find time to buy something special for Puteri. I didn’t want to buy shirts as it’s so common. Mom told me that they (sis and bro in law) wanted to go out and buy a bouncer for Puteri. So, I hurriedly see my sis and gave her a hundred buck. At last, I got her something that she could remember when she’s getting older :)

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