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Sunday, October 28, 2007

bbq party

I worked overtime yesterday from 10am to 2pm. Finished all the medical bills and went home. Reached home had lunch and rested for a while. Started at 5pm, we moved tables and chairs. Around 7pm we started to burn the coals and grilled the chicken, potatoes and satay. Other dishes like bihun goreng, honey dew, nasi impit, lemang and rendang. I’d say all the food were so mouth-watering! (but urgh, to grill them were tiring and hot!)

We finish around 3am (I know you won't believe this) after roughly around 100 people came. I was so tired, didn’t eat much though and right after we cleared the rubbish and brought back those tables and chairs in the house I showered and slept.


  1. i was there! hehe

  2. Lol yes I saw you! Hope you enjoyed the foods.

  3. hehe bila la aku nak merasa masakan ko lak @@


Thank you for the comment.

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