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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

life never easy

I was still not really in the mood to work. Yeah I know, I shouldn’t be this way but I just couldn’t help. Go to work every morning, thinks that you get paid equally even though you work your ass so hard is really killing me. No appetite and just ate few pieces of lemang brought by Linda (together with chicken rendang) for the whole day; it was delicious I’d say. Heavy rain poured the whole day. Around 4.30pm I got news that it was flooding in my living area. Urgh! Pathetic. My house won't be sank by the flood since it’s a little high from others. But the entrance to my housing area… it has 2 entrance but both full with water. So, I did overtime rather than stuck in the water for hours. Some of my friends were there with me too at the office. Heavy rain, came by bike, what do you expect? We ordered fast food, yes what else better idea than that? Mc Donalds of course. Went back around 8.30pm and I reached home around 9pm. As soon as I reached home, I felt asleep.

Woke up around 11pm and ran for shower (yes I need to shower anyway). Rest for a while and I couldn’t sleep, yes you know why. Mom told me that Puteri Balqis Ibtisam name should be changed (for some reasons given by my aunty in Muar referring to the clergy), which I didn’t agree. But who am I to comment? I had a conversation with Bob about life, business, family matter and financial problem that my family facing now. I think I’ll be the one who look older than anyone in my family as I want them all to be happy and problem free as they wish. But I'm not a superman. Sometimes I felt sad that I’ve tried my best but nothing I could change. This really stresses me. I hate financial problem or worse to worse wallet cancer which I never face this but my family. I’ll try to help them but it’s up to them to choose their life.

Right now, I'm 100% working on info about TTP, how do you get it and how to cure it.

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