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Monday, October 15, 2007

2nd& 3rd raya

Went to maklong’s house on 2nd raya. She served mee goreng and bihun goreng. After that we went straight to maklong’s house (this is dad’s eldest sis). There everybody was there. 1st time I met new paklang (a policeman, what do you expect). It was fun had a conversation with abang long and wan. Yeah not really have time to visit them some other times, busy with works and weekends are the only days left for my own thing.

3rd raya went to market with mom to buy stuff for lontong. Rained few times today and nothing much to write about today. Paksu and family came and Nurul’s friends.

It’s Bob’s birthday today and we plan to celebrate at KFC, in Bayan Baru. But I’m still full haha. Maybe I can eat salad there :P

Thinking of going to work tomorrow is really pain in the ass haha!

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