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Monday, October 01, 2007

monday blues... business discussion?

Nothing much to write about today. It was a boring day. Monday… what do you expect?

Discussed a lot with my boss about business. She has great interest in business but the big negative picture keeps blocking her -- negative thought. She has capital but afraid to take risk and failure is big deal for her. I replied with a smile and simplest way “Then… don’t do.” Why I said so? Business is all about risk. I know it’s hard to face failure when it involves big capital. As Azizi said “Whole world regret what they don’t do more than what they have done”. Yes, better to regret what we have done rather than “Oh, I regret I didn’t open a laundry because if I fail, I will lose money and my current job”. Bill Gates never turns back but look front towards the future. He didn’t even finish his studies but end up to be a billionaire. End of the conversation she agreed with me and will keep changing our business perspective, plan and strategy. This is what I like. I don’t have much time to talk craps. Times don’t wait for us. She will update me about FAMA’s plan (catfish and plantation) even though I know she is really into boutique :)

My day ended up badly when I got news from Linda that I got memo from Pengarah Negeri to Pengarah Cawangan about my housing loan procedures. I have solid reasons for it but this doesn’t mean I can easily clean up my name. Sigh. This is what you get when working with typical government servant. Ah, you are a boss doesn’t mean you are better than me. I swear, if she (not my boss though) ask me questions about anything she wants to know as usual; I won't answer anymore.

The bad traffic really tested my patience. But that’s life in Penang (lately…).

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