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Friday, June 11, 2010

Malacca Day 2

(Warning: Full with pictures!)
Still remember Malacca Day 1?
I’ve been very busy lately with works, personal activity and photography. I really hope to learn more about photography and that this expensive hobby can earn me some money :) Who knows?
The second day there, I woke up up pretty early. Around 8am. No? Haha, at least it’s early for me during weekend. Everybody was still in bed, and I brought my DSLR and snap some pictures outside.
IMG_2106IMG_2108 IMG_2112IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2115 IMG_2122 IMG_2124 IMG_2126 IMG_2140 IMG_2143 IMG_2146 IMG_2147 IMG_2154 IMG_2155IMG_2156 IMG_2158 IMG_2161IMG_2165
Ok, you see the room number? At this time I was starving and need some foods for energy :) So, this was what I got:
Yes, this is Otak-Otak. I always think Otak-Otak Kempas is the best but I was wrong. This one taste almost the same, or maybe better? I like it a lot!
After eating some Otak-Otak, we went out to town. To eat the best Asam Pedas and walking around the city for some photography.
Self portrait time! :)
We drove to Bandar Hilir but the town was very crowded. We took about 1 hour to find parking but thank God as we were searching for the parking, we found Mah Asam Pedas! We quickly find parking not far from there and walked to the restaurant.
IMG_2185Asam Pedas Tenggiri
IMG_2186 Asam Pedas Terubok, my favorite!!!
IMG_2187 Asam Pedas Tetel! It’s beef :)
IMG_2189 Some bean sprout
IMG_2191 Some tempe and liver
Right after I tasted the asam pedas, I called the owner and asked her whether this shop was the same one as the one I ate in front of A.Famosa. She laughed and said “Yes!”. Thank God! As I was seeking for this asam pedas for ages after the stalls around there had been demolished for some reasons. I’ve been craving for it since then, and couldn’t find it even after few times I came to Malacca. Oh yeah, I want to see Portuguese Village and the event too! :( Wonder when I could experience that…
After eating, we walked to the “heart” of the city. I guess :)
IMG_2193 IMG_2196 IMG_2197IMG_2198IMG_2200IMG_2203 Dad was sweating like crazy. I was worried that he was too tired and could faint at any time… diabetes.
After tired walking here and there, we went to the snacks center to buy some snacks and clothes for niece and friends.
\IMG_2282IMG_2288 IMG_2294 IMG_2299
That was the last view of the city before we drove somewhere near our apartment for dinner. I got sms from Fai Zakaria invited my family and I for seafood dinner and she was willing to give me direction to the restaurant. I appreciated it but we were stink and tired. In fact, mum was shy… but right after I sms her back won’t be joining them, mum said agree. Haha! Mum!! But, I stick to the plan, not joining them. Maybe next time ya!
So, we drove to the place that we ate dinner the night before. But this time, we changed stall. We sat at the other side and these were the menu for that night :)
 IMG_2303It was tasty!
IMG_2309 Lenchee Kang with macaroni???
Then, we drove home and I need to rush. Fai was on the way to kidnap me! Stay tune :)


  1. bestnya jalan2 cari makan!

  2. cahaya - sangat best! :)

  3. dah byk berubah kan Melaka,
    dah lama giler i x g Melaka,
    last i pegi sana thn 2002,
    itew pun g kjap saja....

    comei sungguh si Hidayah yer,
    skg kami dah jadi satu geng:)

    sedap x otak2 tue?
    mcm menarik saja....

    jomssss Melaka:)

  4. Malacca kickass. :)

  5. BEST..!!

    i love this entry..since there's a lot of nice Pictures in it..:)

    keep learning ya..lama laa nanti akan lebih better and better..:)


  6. How come the otak-otak looked like beef jerky? I like the ones from Muar.

  7. wanie - sangat sedap otak otak melaka. tak sure semua otak otak melaka sedap, or situ je yang sedap :)

    jom melaka! snap snap kampung portuguese pula!

  8. axim - thanks azim and glad that you like it :)

  9. mei teng - it looked and tasted the same :) trust me!

  10. jom jom,
    tapi x blh jom lagi,
    plan nak berBBQ pun lps lagik kan,

    tapi btul apa,
    bila kita amik gambar byk2,
    dlm masa yg sama kita belajar dan terus belajar,
    mana tau lps nie amik gambar pengantin plak kan.....

  11. wanie - haha betul2. tapi BBQ macam tak jadi je kan?

  12. faisal,

    bukan x jadi,
    apa2 kita tunggu keputusan dari axim,
    kalau dia kata on,
    kita buat hujung minggu nie,
    kalau dia kata x on,
    kita plan lain ok,
    br best kalau semua ada,
    btul x???

  13. so kita tunggu:)
    tapi kalau x jadi,
    hari SENIN tue kita g lunch sesama ok,

  14. yep macam kita janji :)

  15. ok ok,
    Padang Kota Lama rite;)

    nanti u bgtau kat mana sedap tau utk lunch,
    teringin gak nak lunch kat situ,
    asyik dinner saja kannn

  16. hmm pdg kota paling famous pun mee sotong tu.
    selalu fai pun makan kat situ je.

  17. faisal,

    sotong goreng tepung ada x???

  18. tepung ada la. kena goreng sendiri haha

  19. faisal,

    kalau mcm tue,
    i pun blh buat kat umah,

  20. sudahnya x jadi jugak berbbq,
    x per,
    next tyme kita plan lain ok,

    nasib baik senin pun mmg i ngn mama akn trun kl jugak,

    mama ckp,
    mama nak tgk u pakai baju keje plak,
    asyik tgk u pakai t-shirt saja kan...

  21. wanie - haha ala pic i banyak yg pakai baju keje. tunjuk je :P


Thank you for the comment.

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