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Sunday, June 13, 2010

July 7 a public holiday in Penang from 2010

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Government will declare July 7 as a state public holiday beginning next year to commemorate George Town receiving the Unesco World Heritage Site status.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced this yesterday when launching the month-long anniversary celebrations at the century-old Town Hall here.

“George Town’s and Malacca’s joint listing as a Unesco World Heritage Site not only brings honour to the state but also makes our city the heritage of all mankind,” he said.

“In the state’s commitment to preserve the listing, I have taken the suggestion of some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and will declare July 7 as the George Town Unesco World Heritage Day and a public holiday to create awareness and education on heritage issues,” said Lim.

He added that the theme for this year’s anniversary celebrations is One Heritage, to symbolise the importance of collective awareness to preserve, protect and promote George Town’s heritage.

On a related matter, Lim appea-led to the Federal Government to release the state’s share of the RM50mil allocated to Malacca and George Town in Budget 2009 for conservation work.

“Our plan for the types of conservation work to be undertaken has already been submitted by the Penang Municipal Council to the National Heritage Department in April.

“We hope the Federal Govern-ment will assure us of the RM25mil allocation that was promised,” he added.
Lim later launched the commemorative George Town Heri-tage Passport that features 26 significant heritage sites in the city.

Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) council member Timothy Tye said the dark brown souvenir booklet could be purchased for RM8 at its office on Church Street.

He said that during the state’s grand anniversary celebrations on July 25, passport holders can visit 12 of the sites in the passport to rubber stamp the booklet in unique stamps.

The participating sites are the Syed Alatas Mansion, Sun Yat Sen’s Penang Base, Meng Eng Soo Temple, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Goddess of Mercy Temple, St Geor-ge’s Church, Arulmigu Mahamari-amman Temple, Teochew Ances-tral Temple, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, Cheah Kongsi, Acheen Street Mosque and Khoo Kongsi.


P/s: Yayyy!! :)


  1. let's cuti2 PENANG,
    mkn seafood,


    tetiba kan:)

  2. tekkaus - haha no jealousy?

  3. jom jom,
    jom penang:)
    dah lama i x trun PENANG wooo,
    rindoo sama PENANG,
    tetiba kannnnn;)
    *wink wink*

  4. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Another reason to declare a public holiday..but it's ok. Holidays are great. Starting Jul 7 2011?

  5. oh once a place is declared by Unesco Heritahe Site..the place must be really historical

  6. Philppines has plenty of Unesco heritage sites...including Rice terraces and some historical places

  7. wanie - ala 1 hour drive je kan? eh mcm mana dgn ur driving license?

  8. mei teng - yea. how i wish it's this year :P

  9. blue - yeah, penang is one of great historical states :)

  10. blue - from the dutch right?

  11. ha???
    1 hour,
    x lah,
    1 1/2 hours ok from Alor Setar...

    ok saja,

  12. I love holiday!! Let's go to Butterfly Farm to capture some photos :)

  13. wanie - hari tu kami drive 1 hour je :P

  14. faisal,

    sbb masa tue korang bawak 140 km/sjm kan,
    tue yg sejam saja,
    i x nak lah bawak lelaju,
    bahaya wooo

  15. bab bab cuti ni yang best!!
    untung aku kerja kat penang..:)

  16. Employers must be jumping up and down...

  17. Tabik spring to Penang Govt (and Melaka for that matter) for taking such an serious effort into preserving local heritages. I really hope other states will follow the step, especially my hometown the Keropoklekor land (where many local heritages and historical sites is being demolished everyday)

  18. Bro, correction it is beggining this year,not next year lah,,,,

    you have a great week ahead ya

  19. huh?? i thot UNESCO has already revoked that title?? Penang still holding the title ah??

  20. hoping that penang's state government will take more effort to promote penang like melaka's..

  21. wah bertmbah public holiday di penang..suke la org2 penang yea

  22. wahhh...seronokla ye...cuti jgn xcuti bro...

  23. axim - haha! betul. untung ko kerja di penang :)

    siapa tak suka cuti kan?

  24. khengsiong - haha! of course :)

  25. drsam - well, in penang actually they were almost vanish from our eye sight, but thank god, we have realized about it and it wasn't too late to preserve it :)

    i love kelantan. hope they can do the same there!

  26. eugene - yay! i got this via email and got link to a site. kinda confusing since it's written like this:

    "The Penang Government will declare July 7 as a state public holiday beginning next year to commemorate George Town receiving the Unesco World Heritage Site status. "

    but thanks for the correction bro! :)

  27. SK - hehe, yeah... at least that was what Lim Guan Eng said :)

  28. kniedaz - they are doing it :) in fact... penang is kinda overall where malacca focusing on its town :)

  29. wahidah - haha sila jeles! :) meh balik keje di penang

  30. teja - nak pergi snap picture cuti-cuti macam ni :P

  31. Oh really? So one extra holiday in a year for Penangites! Good for you : )

  32. hahahha,
    mmg lah i pandai,

    berhati-hati dijalan raya,
    ingatlah org yg tersayang...

  33. foong - hehe thanks foong :)

  34. yes gud....
    so ingat senin nie,
    jgn buat2 lupa plak...
    lunch bersama...

  35. ok gud,
    mcm tue lah...
    i tahu u akn ingat punya,

    tapi comfirm x der sotong goreng tepung kannn:P:P:P

  36. yang lagi mau jual kebun sengon mau bagi info nich tentang bibit jabon dan kayu jabon bagi yang suka bertani

  37. mampir nich dari jaksel


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